10 December 2023
1 year ago
Russia is still preparing response on U.S and NATO reply to Russian security guarantees proposals, but Lavrov sent NATO’s MFAs document on understating of indivisibility of security - Russian Foreign Ministry
State Department orders departure of family members of US Embassy Belarus employees & warns American citizens not travel to the country amid an "unusual and concerning Russian military buildup along Belarus' border with Ukraine
Moscow responds to Biden: "We can confirm we received a written follow-up from Russia," says US official. "It would be unproductive to negotiate in public so we'll leave it up to Russia if they want to discuss their response"
Some navy vessels of Russia's Northern Fleet are heading South towards the Channel. Only the position of an associated tanker, the Vyazma, is visible. In its path is Danish frigate HDMS Peter Willemoes (F362), currently part of NATO's SNMG1 (NATO Standing Maritime Group 1)
Looks like a large scale deployment of Rosgvardiya continues
U.S. continues to see Russia move in additional ground forces "even over the course of the weekend" along the the Ukrainian border. "These are combined arms capable forces. so it's not just infantry, for instance - it's artillery, it's air defense"
Kirby says the U.S. delivered another security assistance package to Ukraine on Friday with more to come ahead. "[Biden] has been very clear we're not going to see American troops on the ground in combat with the Russians in Ukraine. He has made clear that's not on the table"
Biden says US 'ready no matter what' on Russia threat to Ukraine
1 year ago
Russia's naval build-up continues. Spanish navy spots six Russian warships from the Northern Fleet entering the Mediterranean Sea today and possibly "heading towards the Black Sea the vessels are carrying 60 tanks and over 1,500 soldiers
1 year ago
Putin, Macron discuss Ukraine, Russian 'security guarantees' in call: Kremlin
US prepared to sanction Kremlin 'inner circle' over Ukraine: White House
Baltic states condemn Russia's 'continued aggressive actions and threats against Ukraine,' call for troop withdrawal - Lithuanian envoy to UN
Addressing Ukrainian President Zelenskyy's complaints the west is hyping the potential for a Russian invasion, NATO Sec Gen Stoltenberg counters, "There is no sign this military buildup is slowing down. It continues. That's a fact; that's reality”
China joins Russia in opposing today's US-requested UN Security Council debate on Russian military build-up on Ukrainian border. China's ambassador says Beijing disagrees that Russia's actions post a threat to international stability
1 year ago
Russian citizen arrested for flying a drone over Drottningholm's castle in Sweden
The Biden administration has developed "specific sanctions packages" against Russian elites "in or near the inner circles of the Kremlin" that will be imposed if Russia further invades Ukraine, a senior admin official tells CNN
Military at Dyadin Khutor in Belokalitvinsky district of the Rostov region1 year ago
Military at Dyadin Khutor in Belokalitvinsky district of the Rostov region
A contract soldier shot a conscript soldier in an air defense military unit in the Moscow region, writes Mash. The shooting took place in the village of Troitse-Seltso, Mytishchi.
1 year ago
The ships of the Black Sea Fleet returned to their bases after the exercises - Russian Ministry of Defense
The military of the Russian Federation began the deployment of command posts under the cover of air defense systems in Belarus
Military convoy filmed in Oryol region of Russia1 year ago
Military convoy filmed in Oryol region of Russia
Military echelon filmed at Luzhki Orlovskie railway station
1 year ago
91 Russian lawyers, scientists, journalists, actors, writers, and musicians have signed an open letter protesting against Moscow's war against Ukraine
Sec Blinken & FM Lavrov will likely speak this week, @UnderSecStateP says on CBS
U.S. senators are close to a deal on a Russia sanctions bill that could include some penalties even if President Putin doesn't send troops into Ukraine
1 year ago
Canadian Defense Minister Anita Anand says all Canadian military trainers in Ukraine have been moved west of the Dnieper River "to keep our Canadian armed forces safe and secure" amid Russian invasion threat. Story coming soon to @globeandmail
4 project 03160 Raptors moving south near Rogachevka, Voronezh Oblast1 year ago
4 project 03160 Raptors moving south near Rogachevka, Voronezh Oblast
Military convoy in Klintsy1 year ago
Military convoy in Klintsy
Satellite images showing military leaving base near Yelnya1 year ago
Satellite images showing military leaving base near Yelnya
Probably Northen Fleet's 200th MRB headed south near Ukraine1 year ago
Probably Northen Fleet's 200th MRB headed south near Ukraine