14 July 2024
US working with Ukraine on forceful response to Russian Federation strike on Okhmatdet, - Biden advisor Sullivan said. "Working to deal with this attack and respond with force," Sullivan said
President Zelensky:We appreciate President Joe Biden’s decision to strengthen our air defenses with five new Patriot systems and dozens of other systems. This strong decision will help us combat Russian terror
3 day ago
Governor of Belgorod region says 5 children were wounded as result of a drone attack in Schebekine town
Kremlin's spokesperson on US plans to deploy long-range missiles in Germany: All the attributes of the Cold War are returning with confrontation, with direct confrontation. Germany, USA, France, Great Britain are directly involved in the conflict around Ukraine
Russia's ambassador to Germany, Sergei Nechayev, has warned the German government of a further deterioration in relations between Moscow and Berlin if the United States stations long-range missiles there as announced
NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg stated that Russia's attempts to intimidate NATO by planning the assassination of the Rheinmetall CEO are not isolated incidents. Instead of deterring aid to Ukraine, these actions will prompt NATO allies to increase their support
NATO Secretary General: The deployment of American long-range missiles in Germany demonstrates the United States' commitment to European security
NATO chief @jensstoltenberg: "The only way to hit military targets airfields which are conducting attacks against Ukraine, is to hit them on the russian territory
Communcations relay box was set on fire at the railway station in Krasnodar
Erdogan meets Zelenskiy in Washington. “During the meeting, President Erdoğan stated that Turkiye continues its efforts to end Ukraine-Russia war with a just peace, and that work has begun to revitalize the Black Sea Grain Initiative. President Erdoğan also stated that Turkiye is ready for any initiative, including mediation, to lay the groundwork for peace.”
3 day ago
CNN: The US and Germany foiled a Russian plot to assassinate the chief executive of the powerful German arms manufacturer Rheinmetall, which has been producing shells and equipment for Ukraine. @NatashaBertrand with @KatieBoLillis @fpleitgenCNN
3 day ago
Drones attacked a factory in Uzlovaya free economic zone in Tula region
Syria: few hours after the attack against a Russian electronic warfare system in E. Aleppo, an IED targeted Russian forces in the security square of Hasakah. 5 wounded including a Russian soldier & a Syrian translator
A joint patrol with Russian forces was targeted near Kuweireis Airbase (E. Aleppo). Jamming/Electronic warfare system was struck. A SAA Colonel is severely wounded. It's the 2nd attack in this area far from frontlines in one month
Yulia Navalnaya included in the list of militants and extremists - Rosfinmonitoring
The Saudi Deputy Foreign Minister discussed with the Russian ambassador the regional and international developments
Putin: We are working to expand the scope and tools of the BRICS group
The Kremlin: Russia sees NATO's military infrastructure approaching its borders
1 person killed, 3 wounded as result of the drone attack in Rzhevka of Belgorod region
Russian aviation conducted airstrikes at Lyptsi, Vovchansk, Borschove, Mali Prokhody and Hlyboke of Kharkiv region, Myrnohrad, Ocheretyne, Prohres, Zhelanne, Vovche, Kurakhove, Urozhayne, Makarivka, Storozhove, Druzhba, Toretsk, New York and Novyy Komar of Donetsk region, - General Staff of Armed Forces of Ukraine reports
3 day ago
At Kharkiv axis clashes yesterday near Lyptsi and Vovchansk, - General Staff of Armed Forces of Ukraine reports
3 day ago
Air defense was active in Mikhnevo town of Moscow region
3 day ago
Air defense was active in Stupino district of Moscow region
3 day ago
Air defense destroyed and intercepted 5 drones overnight - two over the Bryansk region and one each over the Tambov, Tula and Moscow regions, - the Russian Ministry of Defense reported
NATO Declaration: “any transfer of ballistic missiles and related technology by Iran to Russia would represent a substantial escalation”
Finnish flight controllers at Helsinki-Vantaa had to reroute traffic due Russian planes - likely military and over Gulf of Finland ignoring civilian flights. Rerouting announced on Finnair flight inbound to Helsinki from Hamburg a bit before landing. Auths not commenting yet.
Antony Blinken, US Secretary of State, confirms at the NATOSummit that the first F-16 fighters for Ukraine will begin flying in Ukrainian airspace this summer, providing key value in its war against Russia
4 day ago
Russian Defense: Russian strategic bombers begin training in the Amur region
4 day ago
1 person killed, 7 wounded as result of shelling in Schebekine
Residential house was damaged in Shebekino of Belgorod region4 day ago
Residential house was damaged in Shebekino of Belgorod region
4 day ago
Russian army shelling Kherson again
British PM Keir Starmer signals Ukraine can use British Storm Shadow missiles to strike military targets inside Russian. First time he has committed to that position, answering @Bloomberg UK question on way to Washington
Air strikes by Russian warplanes on the forest area west of Idlib
4 day ago
Russian aviation launches glide bombs at Lyptsi
4 day ago
Fire in Taganrog
4 day ago
Air defense systems destroyed two drones over the Belgorod and Voronezh regions overnight, - the Russian Defense Ministry reported