10 December 2023
"An incursion could be imminent" per @PentagonPresSec. "We'd like to see a deescalation. We'd like to see those [Russian] troops go back home" he adds, reiterating @DeptofDefense believes there's still a chance for diplomacy to prevail
EUCOM commander Gen. Tod Wolters as a combatant commander "can move forces around interests at his own discretion," Kirby said, but "there is a constant dialogue between general Walters and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, as well as [SecDef Austin
The Pentagon: Russia is massing its naval forces in the Mediterranean, the Black Sea and the Atlantic Ocean
US seeing "more accumulation of credible combat forces" in past 24 hours by Russia in areas surrounding Ukraine, including in Belarus, per @PentagonPresSec
"We still believe there is time & space for diplomacy" per @PentagonPresSec on Russia-Ukraine. But says lack of results is reason for additional/continued US support for Ukraine
1 year ago
MORE on US troops: those on heightened alert include elements of the 82nd Airborne, per @PentagonPresSec
US urges China to use 'influence' with Russia to discourage Ukraine invasion
Victoria Nuland @UnderSecStateP says Nord Stream 2 "will not move forward" if Russia invade Ukraine, which goes farther than what Germany has said publicly
Military echelon filmed in Voronezh today1 year ago
Military echelon filmed in Voronezh today
Military echelon filmed in Tula
Military echelon filmed in Belovo of Kemerovo region1 year ago
Military echelon filmed in Belovo of Kemerovo region
Military equipment at Maslovka station in Voronezh region1 year ago
Military equipment at Maslovka station in Voronezh region
Georgia: Illegal borderizarion activities of the Russian forces (FSB "Border Guards") were observed today in the vicinity of Mejvriskhevi and Kirbali villages near the occupied Tskhinvali region
Truck with missile containers filmed in Rostov-on-Don
Military echelon filmed in Bryansk
Video of Russian servicemen, possible reservists1 year ago
Unknown location
Video of Russian servicemen, possible reservists
Military convoy filmed in Sudzha, Kursk region1 year ago
Military convoy filmed in Sudzha, Kursk region
Military convoy in Bryansk1 year ago
Military convoy in Bryansk
Russian Air Force Ilyushin Il-76MD RFF8559 tracking over Belarus1 year ago
Russian Air Force Ilyushin Il-76MD RFF8559 tracking over Belarus
1 year ago
Russian Foreign Ministry: It is unacceptable to think of the possibility of a war between Russia and Ukraine
Another video of a convoy heading towards Crimea1 year ago
Another video of a convoy heading towards Crimea
Military convoy filmed in Stavropol region of Russia1 year ago
Military convoy filmed in Stavropol region of Russia
1 year ago
The Russian Foreign Ministry: The talks in Paris on Ukraine crisis ended without any result
1 year ago
FM of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba: We had seen the written response of the U.S. before it was handed over to Russia. No objections on the Ukrainian side. Important that the U.S. remains in close contact with Ukraine before and after all contacts with Russia. No decisions on Ukraine without Ukraine. Golden rule
.@SecBlinken spoke with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi about Russia, per @StateDeptSpox. Blinken "underscored the global security and economic risks posed by further Russian aggression against Ukraine and conveyed that de-escalation and diplomacy are the responsible way forward"
Russian Navy amphibious ships RFA PYOTR MORGUNOV, OLENEGORSKIY GORNYAK & GEORGIY POBEDONOSETS heading east through the Strait of Gibraltar a short while ago
1 year ago
Su-34 bombers of the aviation squadron of the Western Military District (ZVO) worked out combat training tasks over the Voronezh region in bad weather conditions
1 year ago
Germany working on "strong package of sanctions" for Russia if it invades Ukraine, covering aspects "including Nord Stream 2" pipeline: foreign minister
Russian fleet of at least three landing ships just entered the Med via the Strait of Gibraltar. Record shots of ships
JanLipavsky: I met @jensstoltenberg to reiterate that Czech Republic puts great emphasis on the Alliance and transatlantic relations. We are ready to meet our @NATO commitments, including on defense spending. We agreed on support for Ukraine and the unacceptability of the Russian demands.
1 year ago
Fire near Fili district in Moscow
China's foreign minister chided the U.S. and NATO, saying that Russia's "reasonable security concerns should be taken seriously." It was Beijing's most explicit message supporting Russia's position so far, per @stevenleemyers; Putin goes to China next week
1 year ago
Police searched Anglo-American School Moscow in Moscow, documents, personal belongings and baseball bat seized
1 year ago
Talks on restrictions on intermediate-range missiles make no sense without general security architecture - Kremlin's spokesperson
Russian security services foiled Columbine-style school massacre in Nizhniy Novgorod. 17yo and 2 16y.o men detained. "Suspects were subscribed by restricted telegram-channel on massacres, where 16y.o citizen of Ukraine is Administrator"
1 year ago
Putin read the US response on security guarantees himself - Kremlin's spokesperson
1 year ago
There is no positive response in the US reply on security assurances on the main issue of the NATO expansion, - Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov
1 year ago
Lavrov: the content of the US response on security guarantees allows us to count on a serious conversation, but on secondary topics
1 year ago
Lavrov: the content of the US reply on security guarantees will be publicly known soon
1 year ago
U.S. citizen Mark Fogel, once employee of U.S. Embassy in Moscow, was detained in Russia on illegal drugs smuggling charges
4 additional Su-30SM2 for Russian Baltic Sea Fleet arrived at Kaliningrad region
SecDef: I spoke today with Polish Defense Minister @mblaszczak about Russia's military buildup around Ukraine. Our continuing close security relationship with Poland is critical to deterrence along @NATO's Eastern Flank.
Over two dozen Russian diplomats forced to leave embassy in Washington at request of State Department, ambassador says
Head of office of President of Ukraine Andriy Yermak at press-conference says audit of Minsk agreements, Normandy Four agreements were made. Confirmed unconditional ceasefire. Confirmed different interpretation of Minsk agreement between Russia and Ukraine
Putin's deputy Kozak: next meeting of "Normandy Four" in 2 weeks in Berlin. Main issue - different interpretation of Minsk agreements, but all parties unconditionally agreed on ceasefire
Normandy Four meeting at advisors level ended in Paris after 8.5 hours
Sen. @ChrisMurphyCT says he is "skeptical" that conflict with Russia over Ukraine can be solved with diplomacy
The ruse of military "exercises" can be used to launch an attack, Sec Gen Stoltenberg recalls from the buildup ahead of the annexation of Crimea. Russia has said it wants more transparency with exercises. NATO says the alliance is ready anytime
.@NATO's @jensstoltenberg calls Russian deployment of combat-ready troops, S400 missile defense system and aircraft to Belarus is "significant". Also notes Russia has history of using exercises "as a pretext, a disguise for aggressive military actions"
"Tensions are increasing" because of Russia, per @NATO's @jensstoltenberg. "We see also more troops not only in and around Ukraine but also in Belarus. Highly capable, combat ready troops" & advanced systems, like the S400
Are we closer to war? "Tensions are increasing. Russia continues its military buildup. And we see also more troops, not only in and around Ukraine, but also now in Belarus, where Russia is in the process of deploying thousands of combat troops." - Stoltenberg
Its "no secret we are far apart," says @jensstoltenberg of NATO and Russia. He says that's why it's even more important to look at proposals and identify areas to work together
"This is about respecting nations and their right to choose their own path" per @NATO's @jensstoltenberg, says of Ukraine, Georgia and potential membership "That is a principle Russia has subscribed to many times"
To deploy the NATO Response Force, Stoltenberg says, "we need a decision" by the North Atlantic Council. "That decision will be made if necessary and we will deploy if necessary"
"While we are working for a good solution," says NATO Sec Gen Stoltenberg, "we are also prepared for the worst." "We have plans in place we could execute on very short notice." Some of those plans date from Russia's invasion of Ukraine in 2014
"This is about respecting the right of self-determination" per @NATO's @jensstoltenberg, asked about Ukraine
NATO Secretary General: Russia must recognize the right of every country to define its military alliances
"We will take all necessary measures to protect and defend all allies" per @NATO SecGen @jensstoltenberg
.@NATO calls on Russia to withdraw forces from Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova where @SecGen @jensstoltenberg says they are deployed without consent
On European security, @jensstoltenberg says "we are prepared to listen to Russia's concerns & engage in a real conversation on how to uphold & strengthen the fundamental principlesthis including the right of each nation to choose its own security arrangements"
"We face a critical moment in Euro-Atlantic security," NATO Secretary General says, adding the alliance has conveyed its written responses to Russia "in parallel with the United States"
Military convoy filmed in Rostov region1 year ago
Military convoy filmed in Rostov region
"It is not a formal negotiating document," @SecBlinken says of US response to Russia. He says @POTUS was intimately involved in drafting of it over recent days as were allies
On the prospect of sanctions against Putin, @SecBlinken says "As the president said, everything is on the table"
US has "absolute confidence in German solidarity" said @SecBlinken when asked about Berlin ruling out sending lethal weapons to Ukraine
Blinken: more deliveries [of weapons to Ukraine] expected in days to come
In response to a question from @APDiploWriter on the contents of the document sent to Russia, @SecBlinken replies: "It reiterates what we said publicly for many weeks and for many years" that we'll uphold @NATO principles and "the commitment that we're bound to"
Blinken says USG may not be able to help Americans leave in the event of a conflict
Blinken says that while State Dept has taken steps to shrink US diplomatic footprint in Ukraine, and has urged Americans to leave, embassy remains operational
"It remains up to Russia to decide how to respond. We're ready either way" - Secretary Blinken
Blinken says US response included proposals for joint US-Russian steps related to transparency on troops and exercises, and steps on missiles in Europe and a potential follow-on to New START
Secretary of State Blinken says he'll be briefing members of Congress about the written responses to Russia. He says they don't intend to release the document publicly because they want the discussions to remain private and in good faith. He hopes Russia does the same
Blinken says US written reply to Russia "sets out a serious diplomatic path should Russia choose it." Says US did not compromise on principles regarding Ukrainian sovereignty and ability to join NATO. Proposed other arms control measures to de-escalate tensions
.@SecBlinken says Ambassador Sullivan has delivered the US response to Moscow's demands to the Russians
1 year ago
Moscow received US written response to its security proposals - Russian Foreign Ministry
Counselor of the Department of State Derek Chollet: Called Hungarian State Secretary Péter Sztáray to discuss our diplomatic efforts to de-escalate the tension caused by Russia's military build-up and continued aggression against Ukraine. We also spoke about Hungary's contributions to @NATO and our military & security cooperation
.@PentagonPresSec notes Russia has moved "..logistics and sustainment and medical support and aviation support, I mean, it's the whole combined force, combined arms approach is how I would describe it." (US was watching closely for signs of this)
1 year ago
US hands over response to security proposals to Russia, - Bloomberg reports
1 year ago
The US Ambassador arrived at the Russian Foreign Ministry
A Western intelligence official says Russia has brought in many of the enablers it was lacking, including medical and logistics, to carry out a potential military operation against Ukraine
1 year ago
Britain is in talks to send thousands of extra troops to Eastern Europe *before* any potential Russian invasion of Ukraine, reports CNN. US and a handful of Nato allies (including UK) are reportedly considering sending a 1,000-strong battlegroup each
Iran chief negotiator Bagheri met Russian chief negotiator this morning and EU's Mora in the evening. Bagheri will later have a session with EU and E3 chief negotiators later in the days. Experts are also meeting in parallel1 year ago
Iran chief negotiator Bagheri met Russian chief negotiator this morning and EU's Mora in the evening. Bagheri will later have a session with EU and E3 chief negotiators later in the days. Experts are also meeting in parallel
The Russian Ambassador to Ireland has said that he would be willing to meet groups of fisherman to negotiate a settlement
Trucks with missiles containers filmed in Vladimir region1 year ago
Trucks with missiles containers filmed in Vladimir region
1 year ago
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said earlier today that depending on the content of this response, which he said is "expected this week," Russian officials will prepare "proposals for the president [Putin] regarding our next steps
The Biden admin is set to send Russia a written response to concerns Moscow has publicly released & US proposals on a path forward as soon as today, but the response is unlikely to characterize the likelihood of Ukraine joining NATO in the short term
Military convoy filmed in Smolensk
1 year ago
Boris Johnson has warned Putin that if Russia invades Ukraine, the UK will look to contribute to "any new Nato deployment to protect our allies in Europe"
1 year ago
Germany to ship 5000 military helmets to Ukraine amid tensions with Russia, German Defence Minister Lambrecht says
1 year ago
Lavrov: Russia will not publish the written response that Washington will provide on security guarantees at its request
Military convoy filmed in Rostov-on-Don