10 December 2023
Russian warplanes launch an air raid targeting the eastern outskirts of Idlib city
An overview of Yelnya from 29th December courtesy of @planet and with @CSBiggers support. Clearly, more equipment arrived between early (latest @Maxar's image) and late December1 year ago
An overview of Yelnya from 29th December courtesy of @planet and with @CSBiggers support. Clearly, more equipment arrived between early (latest @Maxar's image) and late December
In Sunday's phone call with @ZelenskyyUa, @POTUS made clear that the US and its allies and partners "will respond decisively" if Russia further invades Ukraine, according to a @WhiteHouse statement
1 year ago
A cyber attack – possibly by China or Russia – hit the academic arm of the UK's Ministry of Defence and had a "significant" impact, the officer in charge at the time has revealed
Syria: aftermath of Russian airstrike on water pumping station, taking it out
1 year ago
Spokesperson of Russian Foreign Ministry Zakharova accused UK in funding programs, aimed at destabilization situation inside Russia
1 year ago
Putin and Erdogan discussed Russian proposals on security guarantees by phone, the Kremlin says in a call leaders reaffirmed their commitment to intensifying the mutually beneficial partnership between the two countries
1 year ago
Finnish president: "And let it be stated once again: Finland's room to manoeuvre and freedom of choice also include the possibility of military alignment and of applying for NATO membership, should we ourselves so decide. NATO's business is the so-called Open Door policy"
1 year ago
An improvised device was found near a bridge in Zelenograd
In the first minutes of the new year: Russian aircraft launch raids in the vicinity of Idlib city, Jisr al-Shughur and Jabal al-Zawiya
"I'm not gonna negotiate here in public but we made it clear he cannot, I'll emphasize, cannot invade Ukraine," adds @POTUS
Asked if he got the sense that Putin is any less likely to invade Ukraine after their conversation, @POTUS replied: "Well, I got the sense of is that he's agreed that we would have three major conferences in Europe in the beginning of the middle of the month
"I made it clear to President Putin that we will have severe sanctions, we will increase our presence in Europe, with NATO allies," @POTUS tells reporters after exiting restaurant in Wilmington
US Department of State: .@SecBlinken spoke today with @NATO Secretary General @jensstoltenberg. @NATO is ready for productive dialogue in the NATO – Russia Council and stands united in efforts to ensure European security
Secretary Antony Blinken:.@jensstoltenberg and I encourage Russia to engage meaningfully in the Strategic Stability Dialogue, @NATO – Russia Council, and @OSCE. The Alliance stands ready for meaningful dialogue with Russia and united to deter further aggression against Ukraine
Today, @SecBlinken spoke with @jensstoltenberg about upcoming engagement with Russia, stating @NATO "stands ready for meaningful dialogue with Russia, while standing united to deter further aggression against Ukraine," according to the @StateDept
1 year ago
Kosovo authorities declared a UN mission employee from the Russian Federation "persona non grata"
1 year ago
Russia will take measures to ensure a strategic balance and eliminate threats if the United States and NATO do not respond within a reasonable time to Russian proposals on security guarantees, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told RIA Novosti
1 year ago
Russian Ministry of Defense plans 3 launches of Angara rocket next year from Plesetsk
Biden, Putin saw areas for progress in upcoming diplomatic talks, but also areas where agreement may be impossible - senior administration official
Biden, Putin agreed to 'pragmatic, results driven' diplomacy - senior administration official
.@WhiteHouse statement in Putin-Biden phone conversation
1 year ago
Ushakov: Putin responds to Biden, if the West imposes destructive sanctions after Russia invades Ukraine, there will be complete shutdown of relations between Russia and U.S
1 year ago
Kremlin’s aide Ushakov: Biden says several times that there should be no Nuclear war
1 year ago
A Kremlin aide is quoted saying Putin told @POTUS that US sanctions on Russia could lead to a complete breakdown in relations between Washington and Moscow
1 year ago
Ushakov: Biden said to Putin that U.S is not going to deploy offensive weapons systems in Ukraine
.@POTUS Biden's call with President Putin concluded at 4:25 PM EST, the White House says
.@POTUS Biden's call with Russian President Putin convened at 3:35 PM EST, the White House says
Rosstat: 87,527 patients diagnosed with Covid-19 died in Russia in November1 year ago
Rosstat: 87,527 patients diagnosed with Covid-19 died in Russia in November
1 year ago
Putin gave Russian citizenship to former informal messenger between Reagan and the Soviet Union Suzanne Massie