4 十一 2023
Russia announces a ceasefire Thursday in Mariupol, Ukraine to evacuate civilians
Google Tracking cyber activity in Eastern Europe as TAG has observed COLDRIVER campaigns targeting the military of multiple Eastern European countries, as well as a NATO Centre of Excellence via Russia linked group
Russian forces have begun to withdraw from Chernobyl and are heading into Belarus, a Pentagon official told the AFP
Russia advanced elements never got closer than 15-20km from Kyiv city center, per @PentagonPresSec. Russian troops near the Hostomiel airfield appear to be the first to reposition away from Kyiv, he says
US Defense Department spokesman: We have indications of the progress of Ukrainian forces
US has seen the repositioning of a small percentage of the troops and battalion tactical groups that Russia had arrayed against Kyiv Ukraine probably in the neighbourhood of 20% of what they had. Appear to be repositioning to Belarus, not home, says @PentagonPresSec
"If the Russians are serious about de-escalating because that's their claim here, then they should send troops home," - @PentagonPresSec
Russian troops near Chernihiv and Sumy also have repositioned toward Belarus - per @PentagonPresSec
2 killed, 5 wounded as result of artillery and aerial strikes in Luhansk region today
Putin tells Scholz gas payments can continue in euros: Berlin
Polish Deputy Prime Minister: Russia is preparing to launch a new attack in Ukraine, and all indications are that we are facing a long war
German government: The Russian president told the German chancellor that he still plans to enact a law requiring gas supplies to be paid in rubles from early April
Putin told German Chancellor Scholz gas for rubles demand will not mean worse contracts for Europe: Kremlin
EU officials raided the offices of Gazprom's German units as part of a probe into the Russian gas giant's role in pushing prices up in the continent, sources say
The Russians destroyed a big food warehouse on the eastern side of Kyiv. Hit most likely by more than one missile1 年 前
The Russians destroyed a big food warehouse on the eastern side of Kyiv. Hit most likely by more than one missile
Russian Defense Ministry: Our forces are regrouping on the Kyiv and Chernihiv fronts in Ukraine as planned
A @POTUS-@ZelenskyyUa phone call happening right now, according to the @WhiteHouse
Slovakia will decrease the number of diplomatic passports holders from Russia by 35 persons. This sets the maximum number of holders of the diplomatic and service passports for Russian diplomatic mission. @SlovakiaMFA spokesman @jurajtomaga
"We believe that Putin is being misinformed by his advisors about how badly the Russian military is performing and how the Russian economy is being crippled by sanctions," a US official tells, "because his senior advisors are too afraid to tell him the truth
Authorities in Kursk region of Russia in attempt to calm population deny explosions, airstrikes and presence of saboteur groups in the region
Russian Ministry of Emergencies deny rumours about evacuation of civil population of Belgorod region
A rally-performance is being held in front of the Parliament of Georgia in memory of the Ukrainian children killed by Russian army
1 年 前
.@direkt36 reveals that Orbán's foreign ministry has been compromised by an ongoing Russian cyberespionage campaign. They even hacked the encrypted channel also transmitting confidential NATO & EU material
1 年 前
Closing the Bosphorus and Dardanelles straits to Russian warships poses a logistical problem for Russia in Syria
Against the background of the Russian war against Ukraine, the German government is preparing for a significant deterioration in gas supplies. Federal Minister of Economics Habeck therefore called the early warning level of the gas emergency plan
Governor of Chernihiv region says he sees no let-up in Russian attacks despite their pledge to scale down their offensive in the area
07:00 A column of military PAZ buses of the Russian Armed Forces with "V" marks was moving from Rechitsa towards Kalinkavichy (Gomel region) along the M10 highway
3 Russian missile strikes at industrial objects in Khmelnitsky region overnight after missile strike at military object in Starokostyantyniv in the afternoon - head of regional administration
US advises that Moscow may 'detain' Americans in Russia: State Dept
1 年 前
Pentagon: 200 U.S. Marines have landed in Lithuania, 10 x USMC F-18 jet fighters also sent to region amid Russia tensions
1 年 前
Emergency services: "human factor" is behind explosion near Belgorod
The Pentagon: We should not be deceived by Russian claims about reducing military attacks near Kyiv
In Bucha Russian troops moved everything what they've looted in Continent residential complex towards Blystavitsa - property owner1 年 前
In Bucha Russian troops moved everything what they've looted in Continent residential complex towards Blystavitsa - property owner
1 年 前
Russian media: 4 servicemen wounded as result of projectile hit in Belgorod region
1 年 前
Governor of Belgorod region confirmed "incident with explosions" at Krasnyi Oktabr village near Belgorod
Reports of explosions and fire at arsenal near Belgorod1 年 前
Reports of explosions and fire at arsenal near Belgorod
Biden, European allies agree to "continue raising costs on Russia" over Ukraine, says White House
Putin and Macron discussed talks between Russia and Ukraine in Istanbul - Kremlin
U.S. believes any movement of Russian forces from around Kyiv is a 'redeployment, not a withdrawal', world should be prepared for continued major offensives on other areas in Ukraine, U.S. official says
Russia has launched multiple hypersonic weapons at specific military targets in Ukraine: top U.S. general in Europe. Russia fired hypersonics to "put fear into the hearts" of Ukrainians but weren't successful, European Command chief Gen. Tod Wolters said
Aircraft leasing giant Avolon casts doubt on renting to Russian airlines again after Putin seizes planes
Russia has committed 70 to 75 percent of its TOTAL military to the war in Ukraine, top U.S. general in Europe tells Congress. Ukraine can "certainly succeed" in stalling Russia, said Gen. Tod Wolters
The Polish clothing company LPP has closed all stores in Russia. The company manages five fashion brands: Reserved, Cropp, House, Mohito and Sinsay
Ireland is expelling 4 Russian diplomats, according to @simoncoveney
1 年 前
Czech MFA: Today, the MFA informed the Russian Embassy in Prague that one of its diplomatic staff had been declared persona non grata and was requested to leave Czechia within 72 hours. Together with our Allies, we are reducing the Russian intelligence presence in the EU
U.S. has been effective in getting weapons to Ukraine despite Russia's monthlong invasion: top U.S. military transportation commander. Russia has not imperiled any supply routes, Gen. Jacqueline Von Ovost said
The Netherlands expels 17 Russian diplomats for espionage
Belgium expels 21 Russian diplomats for spying and threatening security
U.S. "can and will" continue to maintain support for Ukrainian forces during Russia's invasion, including through intelligence sharing: top U.S. military commander in Europe. The U.S. began delivering President Biden's latest $800 million military aid package to Ukraine last week
Some Russian troops are moving from the Kyiv direction. Large numbers of BMDs with Russian and VDV flags were spotted today on their way from the Ukrainian border to Belarus' Rechitsa and Gomel where they were loaded onto railway platforms
1 年 前
The Channel Island of Jersey just announced the seizure of £250 million Russian assets. This is the tip of an enormous Russian offshore iceberg
Officers from the U.K. NCA's combating kleptocracy cell have detained a £38m superyacht owned by an unnamed Russian businessman in Canary Wharf. The vessel, Phi, is registered to a St Kitts and Nevis company and carried Maltese flags to hide its origins, NCA said1 年 前
Officers from the U.K. NCA's "combating kleptocracy cell" have detained a £38m superyacht owned by an unnamed Russian businessman in Canary Wharf. The vessel, Phi, is registered to a St Kitts and Nevis company and carried Maltese flags "to hide its origins", NCA said
1 年 前
Turkish Foreign Minister: A ceasefire must be reached in Ukraine as soon as possible
1 年 前
Peace talks in Istanbul: in exchange for its neutrality, Ukraine wants security guarantees analogues to NATO's article 5 – if attacked, it has a right to demand consultations, and if diplomacy fails, signees of the agreement must provide military aid and "even close the sky"
1 年 前
Turkish Foreign Minister: We welcome the slight rapprochement between Ukraine and Russia
1 年 前
Ukrainian negotiator: Poland, Israel, Canada and Turkey could be guarantors of Ukraine's security under future agreement with Russia - Reuters
1 年 前
The Ukrainian negotiating delegation: An agreement can only be reached with the withdrawal of the Russian army to its areas of deployment on February 23
1 年 前
Russian Deputy Defense Minister at talks in Istanbul claims that Russia to decrease military activity at Chernihiv and Kyiv directions
Johnson: The ceasefire in Ukraine is not enough to lift sanctions on Russia
Russia to pay back 4th April Eurobond in Russian rubles
IAEA @iaeaorg  Director General Rafael Mariano Grossi @rafaelmgrossi has arrived in Ukraine. The visit will take place as part of a mission to ensure the safety of nuclear facilities1 年 前
IAEA @iaeaorg Director General Rafael Mariano Grossi @rafaelmgrossi has arrived in Ukraine. The visit will take place as part of a mission to ensure the safety of nuclear facilities
The Kremlin: Foreign companies will pay for gas in rubles during wartime
It's propaganda
Russian Defense Minister Shoigu claims that conscripts summoned during spring conscription campaign will not be send to the war
It's propaganda
Russian Defense Minister Shoigu claims that main goals of 1st stage of war against Ukraine have been achieved. Ukrainian Navy, air defense and air forces completely destroyed
Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned Ambassadors of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to hand over decision to expel diplomats
Ukraine-Russia talks started in Istanbul1 年 前
Ukraine-Russia talks started in Istanbul
Russian army shelled high-rise administrative building in Mykolaiv. Building destroyed
1 年 前
Erdogan: Istanbul talks can pave way for Ukraine-Russia leaders' meeting
1 年 前
Turkish President: We will continue to take a constructive approach to resolving the crisis between Russia and Ukraine
1 年 前
Erdogan: It is possible to reach a solution that meets the demands of both parties and satisfies the international community
1 年 前
Turkish President Erdoğan speaks at the opening of the negotiation meeting with the delegations of Russia and Ukraine held in Dolmabahçe palace
1 年 前
Ukrainian army pushed Russian troops to distance 40-60kms from Kryvyy Rih
Russian controlled Hostomel airport is on fire again1 年 前
Russian controlled Hostomel airport is on fire again
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