1 六一 2023
The VTV announcer at this time assures that the information that indicates that Russia does not rule out the mobilization of troops to Cuba and Venezuela is fake news
Asked by @marthamaccallum if U.S. willing to scale back military activities in Eastern Europe as part of talks with Moscow, Pentagon press secretary John Kirby says, "We would be willing, if there's reciprocity on the Russian side," including reducing forces on Ukraine border
National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan: "We saw this playbook in 2014. They are preparing this playbook again," said Sullivan, adding that the administration will share more on this will the press in next 24 hours
Biden's National Security Advisor Sullivan says intelligence community sees that Russia may be preparing for fabricating pretext of an invasion of Ukraine. He adds that the US has not determined yet that Putin has decided on military path forward
National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan says the admin will be sharing with press "in the next 24 hours" what US officials have seen Russia doing in terms of disinfo to create a pretext to invade Ukraine
US doesn't believe Russia "definitively decided" on Ukraine invasion, Sullivan says
On Russia aggression to Ukraine, we're ready either way, said @JakeSullivan46 - diplomacy or "respond robustly to any naked aggression that might occur"
1 年 前
Iran chief negotiator had bilateral meetings with Joint Commission coordinator Mora & Russia chief negotiator. Bagheri also had a meeting with E3 negotiators. Experts had bilateral & multilateral sessions to discuss different issues. Talks to continue tomorrow on Friday
Pentagon says about 2/3rds of the Russian troops around Ukraine came from other parts of Russia. About a third were already in the western or southern military districts
U.S. Defense Secretary Austin spoke with his Ukrainian counterpart and reaffirmed Washington's commitment to helping Ukraine defend itself, Pentagon says
Military echelon with MLRS was filmed in Chita
Military convoy was filmed near Ussuriysk, Primorskiy kray
Military echelon filmed in Dimitrovgrad1 年 前
Military echelon filmed in Dimitrovgrad
1 年 前
The first units of Russian paratroopers from the CSTO forces returned from Kazakhstan to the home base in Ivanovo - Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
1 年 前
Servicemen of the 331st Guards Parachute Strike Kostroma regiment of the 98th Guards Airborne Division returned from Kazakhstan, - the press service of the head of the Kostroma region reported
Russia's Syria campaign continues: Russian Navy Project 1171 Black Sea Fleet 197th Landing Ship Brigade Tapir (NATO:Alligator) class LST Orsk 148 transited Bosphorus towards Mediterranean carrying APCs en route to Russian naval base Tartus1 年 前
Russia's Syria campaign continues: Russian Navy Project 1171 Black Sea Fleet 197th Landing Ship Brigade Tapir (NATO:Alligator) class LST Orsk 148 transited Bosphorus towards Mediterranean carrying APCs en route to Russian naval base Tartus
The United States and NATO face a choice - either the indivisibility of security, or a confrontation that could have irreversible consequences - Russian Foreign Ministry
Mass bomb threats in the Sverdlovsk region were made from abroad to spread panic - FSB
Kremlin's spokesperson: Putin has regular updates on security talks. Overall results are clear, but Kremlin will wait until written response
1 年 前
Russia's rep to OSCE says today that Russia's proposals are "essentially a moment of truth that should determine whether we will agree on those lines that cannot be crossed. or the situation will follow a scenario that can lead to catastrophic consequences
Military echelon filmed in Omsk1 年 前
Military echelon filmed in Omsk
Military echelon in Kanash1 年 前
Military echelon in Kanash
1 年 前
The President of the Russian Federation will be comprehensively reported on negotiations with the United States and NATO on security guarantees, he will determine the readiness for further steps - Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the OSCE Lukashevich
Khabarovsk. If to believe the caption, it appears that T-80BVM tanks from the 64th Separate Motor Rifle Brigade (Knyaze-Volkonskoe) are heading west1 年 前
Khabarovsk. If to believe the caption, it appears that T-80BVM tanks from the 64th Separate Motor Rifle Brigade (Knyaze-Volkonskoe) are heading west
Military echelon in Taishet1 年 前
Military echelon in Taishet
Military echelon filmed in Krasnoyarsk1 年 前
Military echelon filmed in Krasnoyarsk
The Rosselkhoznadzor has imposed restrictions on the import of live poultry and poultry products from Europe.
Nationalist statements of the new Minister of Information of Kazakhstan Umarov are unacceptable - Russian Foreign Ministry
Military echelon filmed in Sverdlovsk region1 年 前
Military echelon filmed in Sverdlovsk region
Russian Defense Minister Shoigu reporting to Putin: withdrawal of CSTO troops from Kazakhstan will be concluded on 19th January
1 年 前
Foreign Minister of Ukraine Kuleba: Ukraine and the OSCE are unanimous - Russia must implement the Helsinki Accords
Minister for Foreign Affairs of Germany Baerbock to meet Russian FM Lavrov in Moscow in 18th January to discus Russian security guarantees proposals
The Russian Federation will not discuss the unacceptable demands of the United States about the "withdrawal to the barracks" of Russian troops on its territory, - Lavrov said
1 年 前
Japan protested to the Russian Federation over the shooting exercises, which, according to the Japanese side, have been held since January 11 in the waters near the island of Kunashir
The situation with Nord Stream 2 shows that Germany has no freedom to pursue its commercial interests, - Russian FM Sergei Lavrov
Borrell, top European diplomat, says Nord Stream 2 and Ukraine are indeed connected. "As you'd imagine, you can't sanction Russia with one hand and open that infrastructure" with the other
The United States has promised that next week will "put on paper" a response on security guarantees, NATO Secretary General promised a response within a week - Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov
Russian foreign minister says Moscow will respond to any U.S. sanctions
Lavrov claims that the United States and Britain made promises to Moscow not to expand NATO(in the past)
1 年 前
Russia will withdraw CSTO troops from Kazakhstan with 20 flights of transport aviation per day, Kyrgyzstan troops will leave by ground
Lavrov: the freedom of some states to join unions should not undermine the security of other states
Russian Foreign Minister: The talks showed the danger of a confrontation in the world
The US and NATO categorically reject Russia's right to claim guarantees of non-expansion of the alliance, - Russian FM Sergei Lavrov
Lavrov on the negotiations with the United States and NATO: they showed the seriousness of the confrontation on the world stage, but - despite the uncompromising position of the West - they were businesslike, it is likely that the United States will comprehend the outcome of the meeting
Negotiations with the United States on security guarantees have passed in line with Moscow's expectations, - Russian FM Sergei Lavrov said
French Defense Minister: We(EU) agreed to respond to any Russian aggression on Ukraine with a package of severe sanctions
Ryabkov: the most unthinkable things may come to the heads of the Ukrainian authorities, it is necessary to put an end to this
Military offered Putin options in case of deterioration of situation around Ukraine, but diplomacy must be given a chance - Russian deputy FM Ryabkov
Moscow will not allow other to held Russia responsible for possible provocations around Ukraine - Russian Foreign Ministry
Lithuania's Minister of National Defence: At the meeting of EU Defence Ministers we are talking a lot about EU missions and operations, also, the destabilising effect of Russian Wagner's mercenaries. In fact, Wagner are the same 'little green men' who help Russia to expand its spheres of influence in the world
Russian Deputy FM accused Ukraine in revanche plans
Ryabkov: Refusal by the United States on key proposals for security guarantees leads the situation to a deadlock
The Russian Foreign Ministry: We will take different measures if we do not find an answer to our security demands from America
Ryabkov: US and its allies say "no" to Russia on key points of security proposals
There are no grounds for new meetings with the United States and its allies on security proposals yet - Russian Deputy FM
Moscow will take "other measures and tricks" with respect to Western countries if the US and NATO do not take into account Russian demands, - Russian Deputy FM Ryabkov said
The United States and NATO are not ready to meet Russian proposals on security guarantees, Ryabkov said. NATO's position on the issue of non-expansion of the alliance is impenetrable, it is alarming, - the Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Ryabkov
Putin discussed recent events in Kazakhstan with the Uzbek president, the Kremlin said.
1 年 前
The representative of #Russia at the #OSCE claims that Russia is a peace-loving country but there cannot be peace at any cost
1 年 前
The representative of Russia at the OSCE said that the two Russian documents is not an ultimatum but rather an invitation to substantial discussion
Putin and Tokayev in a phone call discussed withdrawal of CSTO troops from Kazakhstan - Kremlin
Kremlin's spokesperson calls "absurd" linking of Nord Stream 2 and questions of security in Europe
The imposition of sanctions against Putin would amount to severance of relations, - Kremlin
NATO can't dictate Russia where Russian troops moved on own territory - Kremlin
Kremlin calls failed round of talks between Russia, U.S. and NATO. "Differences on key issues"
Kadyrov gives 3 days to Ingush people to substantiate claims on unfair Chechnya-Ingushetiya border delimitation agreement
EU's Borrell says no Ukraine negotiations 'under pressure' from Russia
German Defence minister Lambrecht says we should not draw a link between Nord Stream 2 and the differences with Russia over Ukraine
Military echelon filmed in Buryatiya
@StateDept designates North Korea-linked individuals & entities for proliferation of WMD - Russia-based DPRK national O Yong Ho - Russian Roman Anatolyevich Alar - Russia's Parsek LLC
SG @jensstoltenberg joined EU Defence Ministers in Brest tonight – he will brief them on today's meeting of the NATO-Russia Council, in which Allies & Russia agreed on the need to resume dialogue & explore a schedule of future meetings
We will not welcome new minister of information of Kazakhstan Askar Umarov at Baikonur - Chief of Russian Space Agency Roskosmos Rogozin
UK Foreign Secretary after NATO-Russia Council: "The quagmire of a long-running conflict would cost lives & damage both sides. Only way forward is for Russia to de-escalate & engage in meaningful discussions"
1 年 前
New Ukraine security alert from US embassy today cites 'Concerning reports of further unusual Russian military activity near Ukraine's borders and in occupied Crimea' & advises 'U.S. citizens to reconsider travel to Ukraine due to increased threats from Russia'
Deputy Foreign Ministry Grushko: Russia will take measures to neutralize the threat to its security, by military means, if political means will not work out
1 年 前
Reports of wiretapping Russian opposition leaders in Belgrade and its delivering to Russia intelligence service
Russian Foreign Ministry: so far we do not see how to overcome problems separating Moscow and NATO
Russian Deputy FM Grushko: Russia will take all measures, including military-technical, to ensure its security
Deputy Foreign Minister of Russia Grushko said that Ukraine was discussed with NATO, the Russian Federation has a clear position: if Minsk-2 is implemented, there will be no threats to the territorial integrity of Ukraine
1 年 前
The Russian envoy in Vienna: I discussed with the American representative the contentious issues in the talks, and the general impression is that the talks are making progress
Russian Foreign Ministry: further NATO expansion carries risks that will outweigh this expansion
If NATO moves to a policy of containment of Russia, Moscow will move to counter-containment - Russian Foreign Ministry
The Russian Foreign Ministry following the talks: Moscow and NATO do not have a common positive agenda at all, not on a single point
Senior admin officials say the US has finalized sanctions options in the event that Russia invades Ukraine. The Biden administration has sanctions targets and implementation measures "ready to go to be issued when those tanks cross the border," one official said
USAF E-8 running a track in the Black Sea, watching Russian activity in Krasnodar and Crimea1 年 前
USAF E-8 running a track in the Black Sea, watching Russian activity in Krasnodar and Crimea
Military echelon between Kazan' and Moscow
Russian Federal Agency for the Commonwealth of Independent States Affairs, Compatriots Living Abroad, and International Humanitarian Cooperation "Rossotrudnichestvo" calls Minister of Information from new Kazakhstan Cabine Askar Umarov "russophobic" and will not work with him
The Baltic States are talking to NATO allies about increasing military deployments on their soil to deter Russia, Estonia's Prime Minister Kaja Kallas told Reuters on Wednesday before Russian and NATO officials met to try to diffuse tensions
Loading of military echelon in Ulan-Ude, reportedly moving to Belarus
[email protected]: "I think one of the things that Russia has done, which it probably did not expect, it has brought all of Europe, NATO and non-NATO allies alike, together to share the same set of principles, the same ambition, the same hopes and the same commitment to diplomacy"
Sherman: "We were basically saying to the Russians, some of the things you put on the table are non-starters for us." "We are not going to agree that NATO cannot expand any further. We are not going to agree to go back to 1997"
"Escalation does not create optimal conditions for diplomacy, to say the least," says @DeputySecState Sherman after the NATO-Russia Council. She says Russia has created the crisis of today and it's for Russia to "make a stark choice" to turn toward diplomacy
Stoltenberg: We have "no precondition" for restoring the Russian mission to NATO (which was suspended in October). "We have made clear . today that we will reopen, reestablish both a NATO office in Moscow and also the Russia mission to NATO, because we believe in dialogue"
Military echelon filmed in Jewish Autonomous Region1 年 前
Military echelon filmed in Jewish Autonomous Region
Russia's representatives "made it clear that they needed some time to come back to NATO with an answer" on the prospect of future meetings - Stoltenberg
"The reason why we are where we are" on missile control, Stoltenberg sys, is that the INF treaty collapsed "because of extensive Russian violations, deployments of missiles in violation of the treaty." "We are ready to sit down" for arms control talks
NATO General-Secretary Stoltenberg says after meeting with Russia that it does not have a veto on whether Ukraine can become a member
Russia has military forces in Georgia, in Ukraine and in Moldova, and they are not wanted and uninvited. NATO is engaged in dialogue with Russia, but it will not compromise on sovereignty and territorial integrity of its partners - NATO SecGen @jensstoltenberg
"We are ready to sit down" on arms control but Russia made clear today it's not ready to schedule such meetings, @jensstoltenberg tells reporters
NATO Secretary General: We agreed with Russia to hold more talks
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