6 dekabr 2023
France statement on call with @POTUS about Russia-Ukraine @EmmanuelMacron "expressed his deep concern over the situation on the Ukrainian border & the need to work collectively to de-escalate it quickly.must involve strong, credible warnings to Russia"
President Biden:Today, I spoke with European leaders in response to Russia's military buildup on Ukraine's borders. We discussed our joint efforts to deter further Russian aggression, such as preparations to impose severe economic costs on Russia and reinforce security on the eastern flank
Duda: I announce the National Security Council, I want it to be held on Friday
It is safe to talk about NATO unity when it comes to the most important partners. We discussed the actions that could be taken if there was a Russian aggression - president @andrzejduda after allied consultations organized by @potus @joebiden
Size of Russian forces around Ukraine "Has gotten bigger. Absolutely" per @PentagonPresSec - "They are in fact adding more"
Per @StateDeptSpox, US still expects to send its written response to Russia re NATO/Ukraine this week, will include response to Russia's proposals and also other issues the US is hoping can be grounds for agreement with Russia
"It's very clear the Russians have no intention right now of deescalating" per @PentagonPresSec on timing of this announcement of heightened alert
"As of now the decision has been made to pace these units on heightened alerts & heightened alert only" per @PentagonPresSec. Some units been told to be ready to deploy in as little as 5 days, he says "No final decision has been made to deploy them"
DoD press sec Kirby: "The US is taking steps to heighten the readiness of forces at home and abroad so they are prepared to support a range of contingencies, including the NATO Response Force if it is activated"
@PentagonPresSec Kirby announcing steps to ready multi-national NATO response force (NRF) of 40,000 troops "if it is activated to defeat aggression, if necessary" against Russia
.@SecDef has placed "a range of units on a heightened readiness to deploy" - about 8,500 personnel - per @PentagonPresSec
Pentagon taking steps to heighten readiness over Ukraine - including for @NATO response force if activated, per @PentagonPresSec. US "keenly focused" on Russia's military build-up along Ukraine and in Belarus
White House says there is no plan to evacuate Americans from Ukraine with military assets. Psaki says people are being encouraged to leave by commercial aircraft
France sees 'path to de-escalation' of Ukraine-Russia tensions: Macron aide
US refining its military plans for all scenarios on Ukraine crisis: White House
The NeptuneStrike22 "is the first time since the end of the Cold War that a US carrier strike group has gone under @NATO command, and this exercise will help demonstrate the unity capability and strength of the Transatlantic Alliance," said @PressSec
Military equipment near Voronezh1 year ago
Military equipment near Voronezh
Speaker Pelosi has asked the White House for an all-member, bipartisan briefing on Ukraine/Russia situation
1 year ago
"There is no reason to panic": Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Olexiy Danilov called for calm in the face of a possible Russian invasion
A Russian businessman with close ties to Russian President Putin and accused of being involved in an insider trading and hacking scheme will be detained pending trial, a federal judge in Massachusetts ruled
White House: "In the afternoon, the President will hold a secure video call with European leaders as part of our close consultation and coordination with our Transatlantic Allies and partners in response to Russia's military buildup on Ukraine's borders
DHS assesses that Russia would consider conducting a cyberattack on US if Moscow perceived that a US/NATO response to a potential Russian invasion of Ukraine "threatened [Russia's] long-term national security
Biden administration now in final stages of identifying specific military units to send to Eastern Europe to deter Russia. Next steps likely to be prep orders and then deployment orders once final decision several US officials tell CNN
NATO Secretary General @jensstoltenberg and UK Foreign Secretary @trussliz discussed Russia's military build-up in/around Ukraine & implications for European security. He thanked her for British contributions to NATO collective defence & strong support to our partner Ukraine
Senior Elysée source tells: "There is a kind of alarmism in Washington and London which we cannot understand. We see no immediate likelihood of Russian military action. We simply want our interpretation to be taken into account before a common western approach is agreed"
Belarusian opposition group Cyber-Partisans reported an attack on the computer network of Belarusian Railways.  They have encrypted the bulk of Belarusian Railways servers, databases and workstations to slow down and disrupt the operation of the railway on which trains with Russian troops arrive in Belarus1 year ago
Belarusian opposition group "Cyber-Partisans" reported an attack on the computer network of Belarusian Railways. They have encrypted the bulk of Belarusian Railways servers, databases and workstations to slow down and disrupt the operation of the railway on which trains with Russian troops arrive in Belarus
The vessel is on fire on the territory of the Rostov shipbuilding plant Moryak, smoke was recorded in the hold, the press service of the Main Directorate of the Russian Emergencies Ministry for the Rostov Region reported
1 year ago
The Bank of Russia on the background of the fall of the ruble starting 15.00 halt the purchase of foreign currency due to the "budget rule"
1 year ago
Intelligence is "pretty gloomy" on an imminent, new Russian invasion of Ukraine but it's not inevitable, UK PM says. "I have got to tell you that I think the intelligence is pretty gloomy on this point," he says
1 year ago
British PM says there are around 60 Russian battle groups on the borders of Ukraine. In a pool TV interview, @BorisJohnson said: "The plan for a lightning war that could take out Kyiv is one that everyone can see. We need to make it clear to Russia that that would be a disastrous step"
1 year ago
UK Prime Minister @BorisJohnson warns a further Russian invasion of Ukraine could be "a new Chechnya". "We also need to get over the message that invading Ukraine from a Russian perspective is going to be a painful, violent and bloody business.this could be a new Chechnya"
Video of military column leaving the base in Kaluga region1 year ago
Video of military column leaving the base in Kaluga region
1 year ago
Kremlin says the threat of Ukrainian offensive at Donbass is "very high"
1 year ago
Kremlin: Putin, as commander-in-chief, is taking measures to ensure Russia's security amid rising tensions
1 year ago
NATO statements about sending additional forces to Eastern Europe increase tensions, - Kremlin's spokesperson
Stills showing a VKS Su-34 and a pair of Syrian Air Force MiG-29s during a recent joint air patrol. This is the first such joint Russian-Syrian air patrol.1 year ago
Stills showing a VKS Su-34 and a pair of Syrian Air Force MiG-29s during a recent joint air patrol. This is the first such joint Russian-Syrian air patrol.
Stills showing a VKS Su-34 and a pair of Syrian Air Force MiG-29s during a recent joint air patrol. This is the first such joint Russian-Syrian air patrol.
1 year ago
The US Embassy in Belarus: We warn our citizens of unusual Russian military activities on the borders of Ukraine
NATO: Alliance 'putting forces on standby,' sending additional warships and fighter jets to eastern Europe as Russia continues military build-up around Ukraine: statement
Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia: We are reaching the point where continuous Russian and Belarusian military buildup in Europe needs to be addressed by appropriate NATO countermeasures. It is time to increase allied forces presence in the Alliance's Eastern flank both as measures of defense and deterrence
Allies are sending more ships and jets to enhance NATO defensive deployments in eastern Europe. A strong sign of allied solidarity. Offers include: Danish F-16 jets to Lithuania; French troops to Romania; Dutch F-35 jets to Bulgaria;Spanish frigate heading to the Black Sea
1 year ago
UK Foreign Office officials said the decision was not the result of specific intelligence targeting British diplomats but a response to the growing risk of a Russian incursion & the potential risk to diplomats
1 year ago
The BBC understands the Foreign Office has started to withdraw staff from the British embassy in Kiyv, amid growing fears in the West that Russia may be preparing to invade Ukraine
The EU is not following the US in withdrawing its diplomats' families from Ukraine, top European diplomat Josep Borrell says, adding there is no need to "dramatise" the situation while talks with Russia continue
The body of a taxi driver from Tajikistan with a cut throat and stab wounds to the chest was found in a car at St. Petersburg's Pulkovo airport
Military echelon filmed in Kranodar Krai
Military convoy filmed in Mglin, Bryansk region of Russia
State Department official, in explaining ordered departure for Kyiv embassy families, says the decision was based on conclusion that Russia could invade at any time. But notes that USG is still not sure that Russia will invade
Tonight the State Dept has ordered the families of US embassy employees in Kyiv to depart Ukraine and authorized non-emergency personnel to depart as well
State Department: US citizens in Ukraine should consider departing now using commercial or other privately available transportation options
State Dept announces reducing staff at Embassy in Kyiv. "The Department of State authorized the voluntary departure of US direct hire employees and ordered the departure of eligible family members from Embassy Kyiv due to the continued threat of Russian military action"
The US @StateDept has reissued its Level 4 Travel advisory for Ukraine to include new information about increased risk of Russian military action: "Do not travel to Ukraine due to the increased threats of Russian military action and COVID19”
Starting January 24 to 29, Latvian inspectors will check Russian military facilities in the Smolensk and Bryansk regions, - head of the Russian National Center for Nuclear Risk Reduction Ryzhkov
1 year ago
Krasnodar Airport suspended work for the second time in a day due to heavy snowfall.
1 year ago
Russia's envoy in Vienna: We have made progress by bringing together the envoys of Iran, China and Russia with representatives of European countries
Military convoy with missiles containers filmed near Samara1 year ago
Military convoy with missiles containers filmed near Samara
All schools in Oryol region will be on remote classes next week - Governor
1 year ago
Crew evacuated from a burning vessel in the Black Sea
1 year ago
Russia warns that it will not tolerate if Kyiv and the West go on a provocation in Donbass and attack Russians - head of delegation in Vienna Gavrilov
Central African Republic: Several dozen civilians were reportedly killed during a joint military operation by the Central African armed forces, the Faca, and their Russian allies
1 year ago
Oil Products Tanker AL MUNTAZAH(IMO: 8862521) caught fire near Taman port in Black Sea. Crew - 7 Russian citizens, 700 tonnes of fuel oil onboard. No casualties
Military convoy filmed in Smolensk region1 year ago
Military convoy filmed in Smolensk region
Vice Minister at Ministry of National Defence of the Republic of Lithuania: In light of Russia's increase in military pressure in and around Ukraine, Lithuania will provide Stinger anti-aircraft missiles and adjacent equipment to bolster Ukraine's defensive military capabilities
Another video of military echelon in Tula region
Military echelon with tanks filmed in Tula region
Military echelon filmed in Khabarovsky Krai1 year ago
Military echelon filmed in Khabarovsky Krai
@POTUS Biden had a national security meeting today from Camp David regarding "continued Russian aggressive actions towards Ukraine." Joined in person by Steve Ricchetti and @JakeSullivan46