Map. History of Russia conflict

1 Березень 2021
1 рік тому
Російський депутат Слуцький заявив, що ПАРЄ, скасувавши санкції, зробила перший крок до визнання Криму російським
Trump says his talk with Putin "none of your business"
Trump: "We'll see what happens. With China, with Russia, with Japan, with- many countries."
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Putin accepted the resignation of Yunus-Bek Yevkurov, Mahmud-Ali Kalimatov was appointed acting head of Ingushetia
[email protected]: "political measures, military measures, exercises, missile defense, conventional and many others and some will be long term others will be possible to implement short term or more quickly but the main focus for us is to make Russia come back into compliance"
[email protected]: "Ministers confirmed today that we have no intention to deploy new land-based nuclear missiles in Europe. We will not mirror what Russia does. We do not want a new arms race but at the same time we must continue to maintain credible deterrence and defense."
NATO Secretary General @jensstoltenberg: "NATO is preparing for a world without the INF Treaty. Ministers have agreed today that NATO will respond should Russia fail to return to compliance. NATO will remain measured and defensive in everything that we do."
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Russia's envoy to the Security Council: The nuclear agreement must be maintained and Iran is committed to the terms of the agreement
1 рік тому
Moldovan oligarch Plakhotniuk is charged in absentia with a large-scale smuggling of drugs - Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation
1 рік тому
Kremlin: Putin to meet Trump in Osaka on Friday, also with May and Macron, will meet Merkel and Erdogan on Saturday
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У другій половині дня ПАРЄ розгляне доповідь, яка може знову накласти деякі санкції на російську делегацію і спонукати їх вийти. На цьому тижні багато непередбачуваних поворотів.
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Russian Federation Council unanimously approved the law on the suspension of the participation of the Russian Federation in the INF range The bill was introduced by President Putin
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FSB killed suspected terrorist in Saratov. He was preparing an explosion in a public place.
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KCNA: "A tablet to honor Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un has been displayed at Lesnaya Zaimka Restaurant in Vladivostok, RussiaThey decided to displaytablet to hand down through generations their honor of having Kim Jong Un at their restaurant."
Pantsir-SM in Army20191 рік тому
Pantsir-SM in Army2019
BM ZRK Pine on BMP-3 chassis in Army20191 рік тому
BM ZRK Pine on BMP-3 chassis in Army2019
BUK-M3 in Army20191 рік тому
BUK-M3 in #Army2019
S-350E Vityaz at Army20191 рік тому
S-350E Vityaz at #Army2019
US Special Representative for Venezuela Elliott Abrams: "Yesterday, a Russian military aircraft arrived in Caracas which the Russians say was carrying additional technicians to service previously sold arms systems. What we do know for sure is that it carried no humanitarian aid."
NATO Secretary Gen. @jensstoltenberg prior to defense ministerial-"we need to respond if Russia does not come back into compliance with the INF Treaty andthe defense ministers will discuss measures when it comes to how NATO will respond if Russia does not come back into compliance"
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Putin discussed upcoming top-level contacts with Lukashenka via phone - Kremlin
1 рік тому
Kremlin "intensively" preparing for Putin's talks with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in Osaka (and "doesn't rule out" meeting with Trump).
1 рік тому
Lukashenka invited Rahmon and Putin to attend final ceremony of "European Games"
Russian and Malian defence ministers have signed an agreement on military cooperation at the Army2019 International Military and Technical Forum
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"Росія входить в Раду Європи - з усіма витікаючими звідси правами і обов'язками». - Міністр закордонних справ Німеччини Хайко Маас підтримує компроміс, на який пішли для Росії, щоб повернути її до Ради Європи: "Це прекрасна новина для жителів Росії"
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Roskosmos suspend funding for serial manufacturing of GLONASS satellites
1 рік тому
Russia has nominated MP Leonid Slutsky as deputy head of PACE.
Карта: делегації в Парламентській асамблеї Ради Європи, які проголосували проти резолюції про повернення Росії в ПАРЄ1 рік тому
Карта: делегації в Парламентській асамблеї Ради Європи, які проголосували проти резолюції про повернення Росії в ПАРЄ
Bolton: the threat of a nuclear Iran is very real. We talked to the Russians each time we meet about Iran.
US envoy to NATO says all signs indicate Russia is set to deliver S-400 system to Turkey
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Special forces of Samara oblast alerted to participate in sudden readiness check
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A court in Moscow has sentenced a Polish man to 14 years in prison in another secret "espionage" trial.
1 рік тому
Russian military arrived in Venezuela for routine maintenance of previously supplied equipment - Ryabkov
Russia's national security adviser: Iran joins Russia in fighting terrorism
1 рік тому
ПАРЄ проголосувала за відновлення права голосу Росії: 118 голосів проти 62. Тільки одна з близько 200 поправок схвалена - Україна не пропонувала ні одну з них. Російська делегація обіцяла повернутися у вівторок.
There won't be a "formal summit" with Russia at G20OsakaSummit. @POTUS-Putin conversation "will focus primarily on regional security issues, including Iran, Ukraine and the Middle East," says senior US official.
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