Map. History of Russia conflict

19 Квітень 2021
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"Russian land-forces on the Kola Peninsula were jamming" GPS signals during a major NATO military exercise in Norway that involved some 50,000 US and NATO forces, a spokesperson for Norway's Ministry of Defense tells CNN.
Літак Іл-76МД ВПС РФ RF86906 вилетів з Латакії, прямує на захід над Середземним морем. 10:522 рік тому
Літак Іл-76МД ВПС РФ RF86906 вилетів з Латакії, прямує на захід над Середземним морем. 10:52
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Only 1 metropolit of Moscow Church in Ukraine refused to sign decision of meeting on 13 November
A Kadyrov-led program to bring back widows and children of Russian citizens who joined IS "has basically stopped and nobody has told us why", a Chechen activist on Kadyrov's right council said. She blamed the FSB, whose chief criticised the program
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@Facebook just published an update on the accounts it took down last week, after an FBI tip-off. Attribution is not confirmed, but their behaviour resembled the Russian troll factory.
A Russian national living in Bulgaria has been detained on an arrest warrant out of the Eastern District of NY-he's accused of online fraud and maintaining a computer network with servers in Dallas between Sep 2014-Dec 2016.
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Собор Української православної церкви Московського патріархату вирішив не брати участі у створенні єдиної Української помісної церкви
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OPEC, Russia crude production rose in October, offsetting Iran losses: monthly report.
Head of the European Ingush Association in Brussels, Ibragim Lyanov claims his nephew has been kidnapped with the consent of the authorities of Ingushetia
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[email protected]: Emmanuel Macron suggests building its own army to protect Europe against the U.S., China and Russia. But it was Germany in World Wars One and Two - How did that work out for France They were starting to learn German in Paris before the U.S. came along. Pay for NATO or not.
Російський розвідувальний літак в небі на півночі Хами і півдні Ідлібу
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Finland's president Niinistö called to investigate the suspected Russia n GPS interference, which triggered navigation disruption for the civil aviation sector
US Department of State: The U.S. joins our European Allies and partners in condemning the November 11 sham "elections" in Russia-controlled eastern Ukraine. We have spoken with one voice against yesterday's violation of Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity.
Official State Department statement condemning Russia's sham Donbas "elections" is out: We note that the U.S. will continue to impose Ukraine-related sanctions until Moscow fully implements the Minsk agreements and returns control of Crimea to Ukraine.
Putin informed Security Council about brief meetings on sidelines of events in Paris.2 рік тому
Putin informed Security Council about brief meetings on sidelines of events in Paris.
Федеральна служба безпеки РФ заявила, що затримала у Краснодарському краї громадянина України, який начебто стежив за переміщеннями російських військових
NATO:Russia acknowledges the existence of a new missile system. The US is in full compliance with its obligations under the INFTreaty. So while there are no new US missiles in Europe, there are new Russian missiles.
Interior Ministry says local head of Jehovah’s Witnesses detained in Novosibirsk
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2 Chechens 17y.o. and 34y.o. killed in clashes with security forces in Urus-Martan district
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Putin says he talked to Trump in Paris: Russian news agencies
2 рік тому
Putin: Russia hopes to restore a process of full negotiations with the United States
2 рік тому
Putin says he can not rule out a meeting with Trump during a working dinner in Paris today
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Putin: The idea of ​​creating a European army is a positive process to cement a multipolar world
Kurt Volker:Russia incorrectly claims Ukraine has failed to implement the Minsk agreements. The reality is the opposite
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The new map of Chechnya, published jointly with the border agreement between Ingushetia and Chechnya also shows some territories of Dagestan attributed to Chechnya.
Kurt Volker:Instead of implementing Minsk and moving towards peace4Ukraine, Russia is subsidizing corrupt leaders of Donbas, training and equipping the illegal armed formations, institutionalizing the status quo through sham "elections," and blocking diplomatic progress.
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Member of Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation and head of USA Really agency Alexander Malkevich was detained and questioned in Washington D.C.
Russian President Putin has arrived in Paris2 рік тому
Russian President Putin has arrived in Paris
2 рік тому
Літак Іл-76 RF86906 RFF7341 ВПС РФ зайшов на посадку на авіабазу в Латакії
A new map of Chechnya, indicating the territories that the republic should take over from Ingushetia under the border agreement, has been posted by the Chechen Parliament on its website.
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