Map. History of Russia conflict

18 November 2017
Video: Su-25s (Southern MD) taking off from airstrip that was built during snap drill
Video: Su-25s (Southern MD) taking off from airstrip that was built during snap drill
Russian hacking group linked to DNC break-in is targeting Russian-focused think tanks, computer security firm says
Putin's internet adviser: all satirical account-holders are hooligans paid by the West and hiding from our criminal prosecution in the West.
Ukraine extended sanctions against Russia
Russia Ka-52K (ordered for cancelled France Mistrals) conducts trials aboard Aircraft Carrier 'Admiral Kuznetsov'
German right wing AfD openly calls for end to the sanction vs. Russia, especially in Meck.-Vorp.- elections.
Dozhd: Belgium puts 29 Russians on terrorist list.
Long column of Russia|n tanks loaded on a freight train in Voronezh Oblast near the border w/ Ukraine.
Putin and Shoigu in Vladivostok, Russia
The EU will consider the possibility of greater intervention in resolving the conflict between Ukraine and Russia
Only 10% of planned reservists mobilized in Russia since 25 Aug, mobilization continues for Caucasus-2016 drill
Military echelon in Povorino, Voronezh region on 22 Aug
Echelon with vehicles with overpainted signs in Volgograd region of Russia
Putin meeting on Ukraine w/ Merkel/Hollande @ G20 called off, leaders will talk separately
Novaya Gazeta: There is a new play, "War is Close" at Teatr.doc, about Luhansk, Syria and Sentsov.
No one has claimed responsibility for the blast in Bishkek – Chinese MFA
More images from the Chinese embassy in Kyrgyzstan
RUS A2/AD systems continue to spread in the vicinity of NATO
Car with explosives identified by police near mosque in Ali-Yurt, Ingushetia
Drill of Russian artillery during snap check. TOS, MSTA-S
The consequences of the explosion in the Embassy of China in Bishkek
Kyrgyzstan health ministry: at least one killed, two injured as a car bomb explodes inside Chinese Embassy
The area around the Chinese Embassy in Bishkek is surrounded
Russian army held drill at Prudboy firing range, with heavy artillery: MLRS GRAD, TOS-1, MSTA-S, total 100 vehicles, 4000 troops with Don river crossing
Miliary echelon in Maksatiha of Tver region
August 26: Russia, Rostov region, M4 highway: military convoy
Gazprom just unexpectedly published H1 results at 8.40pm
AutoVazAgregat workers shut down the road cause of no salaries
Uzbekistan's President Islam Karimov has kept a stranglehold on power for over 25 years
The legal frontier: Ukraine files another lawsuir against Russia in ECHR