Map. History of Russia conflict

17 October 2017
Sanders on Putin's slashing of US diplomatic staff: "We're reviewing our optionswhen we have something to say on it we'll let you know."
Russian Mindef: over 1800 young people taking part in "International army games 2017"
The U.S. embassy in Moscow accused Russian authorities on Monday of barring diplomatic staff from a property on the outskirts of Moscow, after having earlier granted access until midday on Tuesday for them to retrieve belongings.
Pentagon asks WH for approval to supply anti-tank missiles to Ukraine to deter Russian aggression.
Russia Foreign Ministry expects some int'l community members to abandon plans to increase economic pressure on Venezuela
Russia pushing US "deep state" narrative via Tweet today
Counter-terrorism units held massive training drill near Krasnodar
Last week in Grozny detained a suspected member of the attack on Budennovsk, writes the "Caucasian knot"
"The day of political prisoners" in Moscow: the activists called for the release of Crimean political prisoners
US says it "regrets" Russian decision on embassy staff, weighs response
Evo Morales denounces Russia sanctions, calls US a 'Threat'
[email protected]: "@POTUS has made it very clear that very soon he will sign the [Russia] sanctions."
Various military vehicles including 'Msta-S' howitzers spotted today in Voronezh Oblast near the border with Ukraine
John Podesta to @ThisWeekABX: Trump's new chief of staff must "protect" special counsel's Russia investigation
Russian lawmaker on state TV: "America is afraid of Russia, because we're stronger. We're the first-class and they're second-class citizens."
RussiaTV on US sanctions: it's not about what we did, but about America's control over Ukraine's gas transportation
Putin says Russia is able to impose additional measures against U.S. but he is against such moves
755 US diplomats must leave Russia, President Putin announces
Putin signed a law banning anonymizers, proxy servers and VPNs
Russian dep. foreign minister to @ThisWeekABC: "Symmetric and asymmetric" options being considered in retaliation for US sanctions bill.
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Locals in Voronezh, Russia, say all the BTRs, armoured vehicles, MBTs arrived are heading to Luhansk, Ukraine.
Tactical submarine group approaching
Transport ship Admiral Shabalin
Anti-submarine ship Vice Admiral Kulakov
Naval Parade today in St.Petersburg
"I congratulate you on the Day of the Navy": Putin on the boat bypassed the parade of ships on the Neva river
Wikileaks: Special Prosecutor Robert Muelller flew to Moscow and gave the FSB 10 grams of Highly Enriched Uranium (HEU) in 2009
Bolivian President Morales: US sanctions against Russia contradict international law. Bolivia rejects them.
The American people want to see Russia take steps to improve relations and hope there will be cooperation between our countries.
Military echelon on 28 July in Moscow region