Map. History of Russia conflict

19 January 2018


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Russia says Iran missile test does not contravene UN resolution
The Kremlin does not intend to give any assessment to the actions of Trump - Peskov
Marshals came to Navalny in his FBK office, to bring him to court
Russian Intelligence prevented a terrorist attack during the ice hockey world championship in Moscow
Former Russian PM Kozyrev: the moment Kremlin relaxes tensions with West, Russian people begin to question their own leadership.
Russian Rostov "cossacks" website issued "order by chief commander of cossacks Kozitsin" to form new volunteer units due to deteriorating situation at Donbas
Average monthly wage in Russia dropped 8% last year to under $450 — less than the mean monthly pay in China, Poland or Romania — @Stratfor
United States changes rules for issuing visas to Russians
2 policemen killed in clashes in Shali, Chechnya
Interfax: Russian court decision on recognition of coup in Ukraine in 2014 comes into force.
Complex training of counter-terrorist units of the Eastern military district
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and Eritrean counterpart hold joint presser
Clashes of police with suspected militants in Dagestan
Russia's Foreign Min. spokeswoman Maria Zakharova launched a competition to caricature Boris Johnson furious at her being invited to London.
President Trump and Putin discussed fighting terrorism, but barely mentioned Russia's annexation of Crimea
Sen. McConnell opposed to lifting sanctions against Russia: "If anything we ought to be looking at increasing them"
Russia's chief propagandist Dmitry Kiselyov rushing to defend Trump from "immoral" media.
Russian K-612-O nuclear detonation detection vehicle
3 suspected militants killed in Khasavyurt, Dagestan by Russian security forces
WH statement says Putin initiated call to Pres Trump to congratulate him on taking office. Says call lasted an hour and was positive.
White House readout of Trump's phone call with Putin
Peskov: issue of lifting sanctions in the conversation of Putin and Trump was not discussed
House roof caught fire due to explosion at gas station in Makhachkala
St.Petersburg citizens held rally against handover St.Isaac cathedral to Russian Church
Kremlin says Trump, Putin agree to work closely
French President told Trump that sanctions on Russia will not be lifted until it fulfills its obligations in Ukraine
Kremlin's on Putin-Trump call: no mention of easing sanctions
Trump and Putin discuss coordinating on ISIS and Syria, Kremlin says
Trump and Putin agreed to resume economic and trade cooperation, according to the Kremlin
Trump and Putin agreed in their phone-call to start 'real coordination' against ISIS