Map. History of Russia conflict

18 November 2017
Kadyrov has posted video with Mikhail Kasyanov(head of PARNAS)in "optical sight" video
4 Russian soldiers killed in Northern Latakia, area of Turkmen mount
Russian Kisilyov: "how much does Obama underwear cost?"
Dmitry Kiselev: "BBC film about Putin stain the reputation of Elizabeth II"
Turkish and NATO radars detected Russian jet's airspace violation: Turkish PM
107 died in Russia due to swine flu
Pro-Assad FB says 9 regime army soldiers and 4 Russians killed during clashes with rebels in #Latakia countryside.
Kazakh police have detained a wealthy businessman with close ties with Russia
#Russia deployed 5 Su-35 in Syria
#Russia sent SU-35's to #Syria
A fire at a Moscow sewing factory where Central Asian migrant workers reportedly lived has killed 12 people, inc 3 children,Arson suspected.
Near St. Petersburg, fire broke out in grocery stores
12 killed in fire in Moscow
Pro-Kremlin cartoons from Pop.Front show Putin eliminating allegedly corrupt officials. More Stalin, than Simpsons.
Turkish Army has orders to shoot down any aircraft that invades Turkish airspace.
Russia denies its invasion of the Su-34 in the Turkey sky
Wikipedia article on Budapest memorandum was edited to comply with Lavrov words
Turkish media: ‘Turkish Military authorizes all fighter pilots to fire without a warning’
Another fire in Moscow
#Turkey says a Russian Su-34 jet violated its airspace Friday; #Russia's ambassador in Ankara was summoned to MFA.
Turkey summoned Russian envoy yesterday amid new violation of airspace by Russian jets, MFA
#Quake 91km N of Yelizovo, #Russia upgraded to M7.2.
Vlad Korneev in Deir Ez Zor (VIDEO) traces of ISIS suicide bombers
Liftoff of a Proton rocket with Eutelsat 9B, a new TV broadcasting platform for Europe.
A 20-year-old Russian soldier in Samara appears to have committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.
Service gantry retracts from #Proton rocket with #Eutelsat9B
Russian Vlad Korneev in Deir Ez Zor. 1st pic hotel, 2nd pic airport
TASS: After the legalisation of same-sex marriage other sins may be legalised, Patriarch Kirill thinks.
According to Nemtsov murder trial materials suspected Muhudinov spent hundreds of thousands of USD of own money to kill Nemtsov
Russia's prosecutor-general's office starts studying WADA report on doping in Russia.