Map. History of Russia conflict

25 February 2018


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Top Russian propagandist Dmitry Kiselev supported the introduction of same-sex civil unions in Russia
Nefteyugansk flooded oil
Extraordinary criminal probe claims Tambov syndicate leader in Spain tied to senior Russian officials.
Russia'n stand-up comedian tells "joke" on MH17
Russia'n stand-up comedian tells joke on MH17
All cards and services of Alfa-Bank ceased to work cause system failure
In latest anti-gay hysteria, Moscow deputy Lisovenko wants to ban LGBT rainbow flag in Russia
In Khakassia detained the chief editor of the website "True Khakassia" Irina Hersch
Moscow say goodbye to ex-PM of Russia Primakov
Died the Chairman of the Parliament of the Chechen Republic Dukuvaha Abdurakhmanov
Emergency declared in Tuva due to forest fires
Building of patrol police is on fire in Ufa
Fire in St. Petersburg
2 dead after Porsche hit a pillar in Moscow
"90% of Russians get their news primarily from television and the state controls all 3 of the major TV channels."
Russian ruling party "Edinaya Rosiya" welcomes the legalization of same-sex marriage in USA
The flood in Chelyabinsk
Former Russian Prime Minister Yevgeny Primakov died
Former Russian foreign Minister Yevgeny Primakov died
Sochi flooding aerial view
Eyewitnesses reported a large fire in Mytishchi, Moscow region
Eyewitnesses reported a large fire in Mytishchi, Moscow region
Fire in transport tunnel in Sochi
Roskomnadzor has blocked access to the book "the FSB blows up Russia"
Movement of 15 trains delayed in Sochi because of rain
Tornado over sea in Sochi
Russian senator asked Media watchdog to force Facebook to ban LGBT smiles
Russia has blocked
Sochi Airport
Riot police dismantle the tent of protesters at Moscow park
Performance in support of prisoners on Red Square
In Sochi are heavy rains. Almost all parts of the city flooded. Evacuation started