Map. History of Russia conflict

23 January 2018


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Top Kremlin propagandist Kisselyov, a state employee, in Feb 2014 bought a 204 sq. m. apartment for nearly $5 m
Russian AF general: Not aerobatics around RC-135 but to show Su-27s weapons
Sweden MEP Hokmark: Russian threats gives us a strong argument for NATO
Hackers from b0ltai hacked Dmitry Kisilyov email
Fulbright and McArthur scholar Valentina Fedotova on Kisselyov's payroll, adviser on cultural warfare against Ukraine
Sweden Defence minister Hultqvist Russian threat totally unacceptable
Fghting vehicle "Tor-M2U", Transporter for "Iskander-M", Armored "Typhoon-K" SAU "Coalition-SV"
BTR "Boomerang", RS-24 Yars, Armored Car "Tiger" and Pantsir-S1 Moscow Russia
Peskov called the outrage an attack on the contestants of "Memorial"
Old Russian Oscar-II class Nuclear submarine "Krasnoyarsk" caught on fire at naval yard at Kamchatka
Rescuers of the Northern Fleet during exercises looking submarine in the Barents Sea
Russia issues NATO warning to Sweden. Join NATO, and we will act
Russian biker gang "night wolves" won't be allowed to enter Poland
Armata T14 during training for May 9
Petersburg bypass, Russia today: "100+ pieces of equipment, incl T-72, BTRs, Tigrs, howitzers"
Preparations for military parade in Moscow
Russian Il-96 now fitted with MANPADS countermeasures
A fallen Stage I booster from Soyuz rocket just spotted downrange from Vostochny.
[email protected]: General Consul in Rostov informed me that Vira Savchenko is on Ukrainian soil already
Flash floods today in Voronezh
Udmurtiya now. Burns reservoir is a large oil field.
Vostochny Space Launch Centre: the first launch of a carrier rocket
Ukrainian Consul General from Rostov is on his way to blocked by RU border guards Vira Savchenko already — @poroshenko
Breakdown of a Russian state TV smear: Kiselyov cites fake Nazi doc to claim US acting out Hitler's plans in Ukraine
Vira Savchenko and Ukr. consul locked themselves in the diplomatic car. Russian authorities block the car ignoring its diplomatic status
Russian authorities detain Vira Savchenko. Ukr. Emb in Moscow and consul on the ground are working to free her.
Trump's full statement on easing tensions with Moscow, as Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak sat in the front row.
Donald Trump: The "cycle of hostility" between the U.S. and Russia must end
On Vostochny held a meeting of the Commission attended by Putin
Anti-submarine aircraft of the Russian Navy is conducting exercises in the Barents Sea