Map. History of Russia conflict

23 October 2017
Moment when French President calls out Russian propaganda in front of Putin
Anticorruption rally held in Makhachkala
Magomed Daudov denies accusations of gays' persecutions in Chechnya
French President Emmanuel Macron calls on Russia's Putin to protect gay Chechens
12 dead, "Senate Palace" of Kremlin was damaged as result of storm that hit Moscow
Macron says RT and Sputnik did 'not behave as media outlets and journalists but propaganda' tools during #Presidentielle2017
Storm in Zhulebino destroyed covered tennis court
Putin says the biggest threat right now is Terrorism and they must work together to find a way to address it.
Putin invites Macron to Russia and says he wants to step up cultural exchanges
Putin says nothing to talk about when asked about Russian meddling in foreign elections
Putin says queen Anna Yaroslavna was Russian
Macron: I told Putin that we are concerned about the situation of LGBT people in Chechnya. We want to respect the rights of minorities
Hurricane in Moscow, brings down cranes
6 dead so far as result of storm in Moscow
3 killed, 1 wounded due to storm in Moscow so far
Storm in Moscow today
French TV: "Le Tsar Poutine"
President Trump says "North Korea has shown great disrespect for their neighbour China by shooting off yet another ballistic missile"
SDF spox: Russians submitted to join Raqqa Operation but we rejected, due to that Russia started a propaganda war against us.
Beyond Ukraine and Syria, Macron to raise allegations of gay purge in Chechnya with Putin after hearing from rights groups
Putin to arrive at Versailles for meeting with @EmmanuelMacron in attempt to reset rocky relationship
Versailles: Computers of several Russian journalists damaged due to power surge in the electrical network before Putin-Macron meeting
Deripaska rejected NYT article about testimony in the U.S. Congress in exchange for immunity
The builders of the spaceport "Vostochniy" went on strike because of unpaid wages.
35 thousands persons to be evacuated in Stavropol' region cause of floods
Any back channels with any country, especially with Russia is a good thing. "I don't see a big deal." - DHS Secy John Kelly
S-400 Triumph during drills in Moscow region
G7 stress Russia responsibility for conflict with Ukraine, condemn Crimea's illegal annexation and reaffirm sanctions until Minsk implemented
Report: Russian Billionaire Deripaska Linked To Manafort Seeks Immunity To Testify
Truck drivers from Kabardino-Balkaria join protest action in Moscow