Map. History of Russia conflict

24 February 2018


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Russian opposition PARNAS party exposed(accidentally or was hacked) private data of everyone who voted in primaries
Water reservoirs of Crimea almost empty
The leader of "Derbent" gang, and his accomplice killed in Dagestan
RUAF VHF traffic in Gulf of Finland, mulitple units
Putin says Russia ready to resume ties with Turkey
German Foreign Minister Suggests Gradual Reduction In Russia Sanctions
Yakutsk newspaper informing on distortion of truth by NTV and Russia-1 tv channels
Putin called Athos a source of spiritual strength for the Orthodox
Turchynov: Putin is now openly blackmailing Ukraine, threatening attacks if not follow Kremlin demands
Russian Media: During the meeting with the Holy Kinot of mount Athos Putin sits in the seat of the Byzantine emperors
Putin visits mount Athos
Putin began his pilgrimage on mount Athos
Russian artist Pavlensky led back to prison after court hearing for his work 'Threat'-where he set fire to FSB door
St. Petersburg authorities said that is impossible to finish the construction of "Zenit-Arena" .
Mutko admitted the non-participation of Russia in the 2016 Olympics
Putin says Romania, Poland may now be in Russia's cross-hairs
In Moscow detained the son of the Vice-President of "LUKOIL"
Stadium is on fire in Barnaul
Shooting at the Donbas will not stop until Ukraine will not make changes to the Constitution - Putin
Putin says Crimea is Russia's "forever" and closed for discussion
100 people disarmed the police and took the body of a killed fighter in Nazran Ingushetia
Russia Flight Tests Anti-Satellite Missile
Girkin says he "spits on Hague Tribunal and its satanic new world order", threatens "it's all just beginning"
Strelkov: I don't give a damn about The Hague or its verdict
Russia has recognized their inability to catch up with the US in the space industry
Russian Mindef suspects U.S anti-missile missiles to be undercover midrange missiles
Russian PM ordered to prepare propositions on food embargo until the end of 2017
Russian deputy PM Rogozin admitted that Russia will never able to compete with USA in space
More than 30 citizens of Ukraine hold in Russia - human rights activist
Politologist was attacked at Russian TV show after bad words on Putin