Map. History of Russia conflict

22 January 2018


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Poland expelled suspected of espionage propagandist of Russia Today
Controlled deorbit of "Progress" is impossible
In #the payment system of the Russian Federation happened #fail
Denmark supports tougher sanctions against Russia
Wildfire near Chita
Profit of "Gazprom" drop seven times by the end of 2014
Photo: Russian MP of LDPR party Starovoytov in Lugansk. With a gun in his hand.
In the Amur region introduced a state of emergency due to forest fires
Sent of Russia on #ISS Victory banner flew past the station
Guys danced twerk at Red square and made selfi on the background of St. Basil's Cathedral
Meeting on the situation with the "Progress" begin
Unknown fired at the Studio of Nikita Mikhalkov in the center of Moscow
Space Truck Progress without connection after launch. Somewhere on low orbit
Dozens of cars burned during the explosion at the Rostov polygon, the number of victims grows
Powerful explosions on the ground in Rostov has destroyed dozens of pieces of military equipment
Nine flights are delayed in the Rostov airport because of bomb threat
Warehouse is on fire in center of St. Petersburg
The Russian opposition has named the date of the publication of the #Nemtsov report about #war in #Ukraine
Putin praised Russia's losses from sanctions of $160 billion
Kremlin supporters rally near RBK media
The area of wildfire in Buryatia over the weekend has increased almost 75 times
Preserve area of Astrakhan is burning
Wildfire in Ulety near Chita
Movement of trolley buses and buses in the center of Moscow is difficult because of a fire on Varvarka
Preparations for May military Parade in Moscow
In the center of Moscow burning building of office complex
Activists of the SERB org once again defiled the Nemtsov memorial
Kremlin: police of the Chechen Republic are subject to the Ministry of internal Affairs
Dagestan. Today's fighting between rebels and Russian FSB in the village of New Paraul
The Progress party wants to bring R. Kadyrov to criminal liability