Map. History of Russia conflict

21 กันยายน 2018

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After thousands of bots started tagging @DFRLab team members, now they're replicating identities with fake @Twitter accounts.
POTUS: “Russia has a lot of respect for Finland, so that’s always good.”
“I do hope we have good relations with Russia,” says @POTUS. “I believe some day that will happen.”
One of the participants of shooting in Krasnodar, in which one policeman was wounded is Gmyrya Vladislav, ex-chief of local neo-nazi organization "Pit Bull"
Unknown location
Photo: military echelon "To Voronezh"
Russia: Up to 400 units of BTR-82A, BMP-2 and BMP-3 are undergoing training tonight at the Golovenki test range in the Moscow region.
PHOTO: Belarusian and Russian aircrews practiced takeoffs and landings on road base in Belarus
Russia: Kursk radio electronic warfare unit (EW) have just undergone a suppression of navigational systems drill, Tambov Region.
Helicopters, armoured personnel carriers and heavily-armed CT forces all involved in major Khasavyurt CT operation
Trump business associate said getting Putin's support for a Trump Tower deal in Moscow could get Trump elected.
"Systema" declared the second technical default on credit obligations of 8.9 billion
Stavropol police ordered to raise combat readiness, not to visit bars or travel without written notice to superiors
ISIS claims knife attack in Russia's Dagestan that claimed the life of a policeman, calling attackers "Soldiers of the Islamic State"
Alexander Yagofarov from Orenburg was killed in Syria on 11 August
RF MFA Spox. Zakharova accused Washington of "genocide" of Russians because of visas
New Russian Ambassador to US meets with US Ambassador to Russia, discuss ties between Moscow and Washington - RIA
Counter-terrorism operation is ongoing in Khasavyurt
1 policeman was killed in clashes in Khasavyurt
Bomb exploded in parked car in Ufa. Police suspect assassination
Military convoy in Voronezh
RuAF drill: Su-30SM shot down AShM launched from Utes complex
In Kaspiysk, Dagestan, south Russia, 2 policemen and 2 suspected militants died in exchange of gunfire
Traffic cameras on Volgograd-Kamensk-Shakhtinsky highway down, batteries "stolen"
Memorial recognised 76-year-old academic Vladimir Lapygin, sentenced to seven years in prison for treason, as a political prisoner.
U.S. Ambassador to Russia: US Sanctions against Russia was introduced as an alternative to military
Airforce and airdefense of Russian Southern military district is on battle alert
1 policeman killed, another wounded in attack in Dagestan
Trump's company was trying to build Trump tower in Moscow while he was running for president last year
Russian YouTube video of the day: Arkhangelsk's ex-mayor walks his "Trump" along Nevsky in St Pete.
Russian YouTube video of the day: Arkhangelsk's ex-mayor walks his Trump along Nevsky in St Pete.
Russia is moving military hardware toward Crimea (1) (2 near Krasnodar) and Belarus (3 near Moscow)
In north Azerbaijan, a fire started at a weapons depot. Nearby villages evacuated, Baku-Derbent highway closed
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