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18 กันยายน 2018

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Military echelon in Pohvistnevo of Samara region
"The United States of America needs to send a strong message to Putinthat we will not tolerate attacks on our democracy."-McCain
Only polite people are working in The Russian foreign Ministry - spox Zakharova
Ryabkov: We do not exclude any measures to bring in overweening sense of Russophobia, which now set the tone on Capitol hill
Romania denied pass for plane with Russian DM Rogozin onboard on it's way to Chisinau
U.S. Ambassador to Russia was summoned to the foreign Ministry
The FSB detained "suspected militants" from Central Asia in St. Petersburg.
U.S. will have to send home hundreds of its embassy staff from Russia - Interfax
US ambassador voices "strong disappointment and protest" at Russia cutting diplomatic staff
Police paddywagon has overturned in St.Petersburg
Peskov says US sanctions on Russia practically final even without Trump's signature, so there was no point in waiting to retaliate.
Russia sanctions mean U.S. must cut 700 positions at its diplomatic missions in Russia, says Duma vice speaker Zheleznyak
McCain on sanctions bill: "It's time to respond to Russia's attack on U.S. democracy with strength…and with action."
Russia tells U.S. to reduce its diplomatic staff to 455 people - Russia's foreign ministry
Russia's foreign ministry: US embassy won't be able to use Moscow warehouses and Moscow dacha compound from Aug 1
Russia orders U.S. to reduce diplomatic staff in Russia
7 Central Asians detained on suspicion of planning terrorist attacks on rail transport, crowded places in Russia's St. Petersburg
In Moscow announced an emergency warning due to a powerful storm
FSB arrested seven suspects in the preparation of terrorist acts in St. Petersburg
On the range Korla, China arrived all participants of the international Army games-2017
Russia's Central Bank withdraws the licence of floundering Yugra Bank.
Russia bulldozing 212 kilograms of Polish apples and 539 kilograms of Estonian radishes in Krasnoyarsk.
Storm is coming to Moscow
US Senate has passed new Russia sanctions by an overwhelming vote of 98-2, sending the bill to president's desk.
TOR-M2 SAM in Kantemirovka of Voronezh region on the border of Ukraine on July 20
"That's a delicate balance" says Gen Milley of Russia
Russia a state with which the US "needs to carefully and cautiously and with decapture forethought work towards common objectives" per Gen Milley
"There also areas of common interest" per @ArmyChiefStaff gen Mark Milley, adding Russia "is a great power"
"Russia does undermine the United States' interests" per Milley, but "Russian aggression can be deterred thru the proper use of tools"
"I would argue that the Russian leadership is a purely rational actor. They operate off traditional cost-benefit" per Gen Milley
"We also know that they operate and try to undermine things like elections in Europoean countries and other countries" @ArmyChiefStaff re Russia
As for will/intent, "Russia has acted aggressively" says Gen Milley re Crimea Georgia Donetsk
"Only Russia has the actual capability to destroy the United States" per @ArmyChiefStaff, with improved conventional capabilities
"Russian military capability is significant" per Gen Milley "Only nation on earth that represents an existential threat" to US
Russia "clearly the most capable" of nations posing security challenges to US, per @ArmyChiefStaff
"We absolutely would" override if president vetoed Russia sanctions bill - CO GOP Rep Coffman on President Trump
Putin says Russia will have to respond to 'insolence' of US sanctions
Putin slams 'rise in anti-Russian hysteria' in US
Began a press-conference of Putin and Niinisto. Niinistö: Sorry to have kept you waiting, but we have had many important topics of conversation
Trump likely to sign a tough new sanctions bill that includes proposed measures targeting Russia
Scaramucci on @NewDay claiming @realDonaldTrump may veto the Russia sanctions bill because he wants a tougher bill
Vasily Nebenzya, former Russian deputy FM, has been appointed as the Russian permanent representative to the UN.
Russian Kommersant writes the Kremlin's counter sanctions likely to include expelling 35 US diplomats
President Putin visits Finland today to discuss international and bilateral issues. Visit coincides with 100th anniv of Finland's independence from Russia
Putin signed decree prohibiting working in public service for Russians who avoided military service.
Rus press: in retaliation to new sanctions Moscow may expand blacklist of US officials, expel diplomats, seize US diplo property, ban NGOs
The sanctions could include seizing U.S. diplomatic property and ejecting staff
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