Map. History of Russia conflict

23 January 2018


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In Kostroma detained the head of the local branch of opposition PARNAS party Andrew Pivovarov
Officially, there are $360B in Russia's foreign currency reserves. But $200B of that cannot be used. So that leaves $160B readily accessible
In Novosibirsk Arrested @leonidvolkov and members of "Democratic coalition"
UK judge gives Russian accused of poisoning ex-KGB agent until Tuesday to testify:
In the street, Navalny's Novosibirsk team is being herded into police vans
Navalny supporters withdrawn from the electoral Commission of the Novosibirsk region
Police at the rear enter of Novosibirsk election committee
9 people from democratic coalition sat down at the table of Chairman of Novosibirsk regional election Committee in his office, three on hunger strike
Vladimir Putin will speak at the jubilee session of the UN General Assembly
The Prosecutor's office of the Lipetsk advocated the dismantling of the bust of Stalin
In the Orenburg region destroyed a large base of conventional fighters within drills
The fire at the oil depot in Nizhny Tagil
In Moscow cause of a powerful storm declared "orange" danger level
Explosion at oil depot in Sverdlovsk region of Russia
The area of forest fires in Siberia over the weekend rose to 43.3 thousand hectares
In Sevastopol, 50 teenagers were hospitalized cause poisoning
Vladimir Putin has arrived in Putin Kaliningrad
Putin: Russia to do everything to make 2018 FIFA World Cup ‘grandiose sports event’
House exploded in Verkhnyaa Salda
Blatter met President Vladimir Putin ahead WorldCup draw
Yak-52 fell on to the vegetable garden in the Samara region, there are victims
Rally in Moscow against war in Ukraine
Putin arrived in Kazan, which will host the opening world championship by water kinds of sports
Russia's Committee Against Torture forced to close down as "foreign agent"
In Ufa KAMAZ fell under asphalt
"Democratic coalition" was refused to register for elections in Novosibirsk
Putin has ordered the destruction of European products right on the border
The leader of the Russian ultranationalist was sentenced to life imprisonment
Russian MFA: Alaska and Chukotka introduce visa-free travel
Khodorkovsky: Putin may begin full-scale war from Ukraine