Map. History of Russia conflict

15 December 2017
S-400 Triumph during drills in Moscow region
G7 stress Russia responsibility for conflict with Ukraine, condemn Crimea's illegal annexation and reaffirm sanctions until Minsk implemented
Report: Russian Billionaire Deripaska Linked To Manafort Seeks Immunity To Testify
Truck drivers from Kabardino-Balkaria join protest action in Moscow
Ingushetia introduces ban on sale of alcoholic beverages during Ramadan and holidays
“We’re not lowering our sanctions on Russia. If anything we would look to get tougher on Russia,” says top @POTUS economic advisor.
Bus caught on fire at Yugo-Zapadnaya metro station in Moscow
City bus caught on fire or exploded in Moscow near Yugo-Zapadnaya metro station
Chechen parliament even won't discuss HRW report on gays torture in Chechnya
HRW report: Officials of Russian Chechnya took part in torturing of gays
Russian state-controlled TV dismisses alleged FBI probe into Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner as part of a "witch hunt" against the president
Top manager at big Kosmos construction company Boris Kulchitsky murdered in Moscow
Emergency workers battle fires in Siberia to prevent them from moving into residential areas
After Trump's NATO remarks WH econ adviser Gary Cohn tells AF1 pool: "Right now, we don’t have a position" on Russia sanctions.
Trump says NATO must do more on terror, immigration and Russia
New photo of Russian 'Orion' UAV Assumed maximum duration of its flight +24 hours, maximum altitude of about 8,000 meters.
Russian Ministry of Defense launched new satellite
Anti-corruption journalist Dmitry Popkov was shot dead yesterday in Miusinsk, Russia
In Moscow FSB detained 4 suspected ISIS terrorists, who were plotting an attack
LNR group extradited to Russia 2 suspects in mass fighting at cemetery in Moscow
In Leningrad region explosion at oil depot - 2 people died
Putin kissed an icon of Nikolay "Chudotvorets"(Miracle-worker)
TASS: Volodin thinks that Russia must defend the rights of its compatriots in Ukraine.
The Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC) and Russia’s United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) on May 22 officially established a joint company, China-Russia Commercial Aircraft International Co., Ltd (CRAIC). The Shanghai-based corporation will be responsible for the development and manufacturing of a wide-body aircraft.
#Russia's Security Council Head Patrushev: "The #internet is used to undermine Russia's sovereignty"
Shoigu: By the end of 2020, self-sufficient force groupings will be deployed at all strategic directions, including the Artic
Shoigu: Rus MoD pays special attention to strategic nuclear forces' capabilities sustaining at the level of guaranteed nuclear deterrence
Russian oligarch Usmanov declined to have a debate with anti-corruption activist Navalny.
NATO's Stoltenberg says they urge Russia to support an Afghan-led peace process Afghanistan
NATO has delivered on commitment to dialogue with Russia. 4 meetings of NATO-Russia Council in last year - @jensstoltenberg