Map. History of Russia conflict

18 November 2017
ICBM drills in Irkutsk region
Russian Strategic Missile Forces (mobile ICBMs) command-staff exercises at Omsk and Irkutsk bases. RU MoD 28 Mar
FIAF QRA F-18 scrambled to Gulf of Finland
Sechin to Putin: Last year to stabilise the country's foreign currency market Rosneft sold about $45 billion.
Kremlin's preemptive strike: Putin's press sec warns that a group of investigative journalists to publish allegations of Putin corruption
Head of RuMOD general Shoigu arrived in Kaliningrad. His Tu-154 was escorted by Typhoon BAP and Su-27
Poroshenko to Russian soldiers: get out of our Donbass. Ukraine wants peace
Peskov: Putin will hold a prompt evening meeting with the permanent members of the Russian Security Council
Kremlin: Russian air forces to continue fight against terrorism and supporting Syrian army offensive
Russia's former counterintelligence head (now deputy foreign minister) Syromolotov says CIA director Brennan visited Moscow in early March.
Russian defense ministry to send more military personnel to Syria: troops and sappers will clear Palmyra of mines
The Russian defense Minister checked the preparation of Marines of the Baltic fleet
In Chechnya conducted an exercise with units of the separate motorized rifle brigade of YUVO
Following its Syria campaign, Russia secured military hardware sales for $6-7 billions
Russian Defense Minister, Army General Sergey Shoigu arrived in Kaliningrad region
Russian Navy Kilo sub "Krasnodar" departed Kronshtadt today - first underway period in nearly four months
Three thousand military signalers of Russian West military district raised the alarm
RUAF An-124 82041 Tver-Chkalovsky
RUAF VHF traffic in Baltic Sea. Consistent with Su27 fighters
Today's K.Pravda on Syrian army retaking Palmyra: "Without Russia's support this victory would have been impossible"
Kommersant: "Orders for RU weapons that surged as result of Syria showcase exceed several times the cost of the Syrian operation"
Foreign fighters from Europe to ISIS: 1 Russia 2400; 2 France 1700; 3 UK 760; 3 Germany 760; 5 Belgium 470
RUAF Il-76 78816 from Orenburg direction is approaching Vnukovo
Another banking license revoked by Russia's Central Bank. Moscow's "Smartbank"
Pilots in Western Military District complete main stage of Ladoga exercise
The fast train "Russia" was shot in Amur region
Kremlin list of Russian troop deaths in Ukraine reveals $40k compensation for each Russian dying in military action
#FreeSavchenko protest in Yekaterinburg
#FreeSavchenko protest in Yekaterinburg
Six RuAF MiG-31BM jets carried out a non-stop flight (6 hours) from Krasnoyarsk region to Astrakhan region
#FreeSavchenko protesters. Moscow today