Map. History of Russia conflict

18 November 2017
Liudmila Ulitskaya: "the censorship in Russia was introduced when literature started."
Russian Su-27 Fighter Conducts Dangerous Intercept of #US Recon Jet RC-135 in Black Sea
Russian Deputy FM on #Geneva: "We oppose the participation of Jaysh al-Islam Ahrar al-Sham."
Russia Got Invitation From OPEC To Meet
59% of Russians believe Kadyrov's words about Russian opposition being "enemies of the people" are unacceptable
Russian jets held drills over Japan and Okhotsk seas
Russia made a démarche in Minsk today: handed new demands to Martin Sajdik 30 minutes before the end of meeting.
Russian health ministry: Flu to Russia came from Ukraine
Kasyanov has promised Dzhemilov that the Crimea will be returned to Ukraine
Protestors demanding refinancing of their foreign-currency mortgages block Tverskaya street
Putin's Internet advisor: Google and Facebook have to abide by Russian law "sooner or later" or they will be blocked.
Currency borrowers blocked the street in Central #Moscow
NATO looks to combat Russia's 'information weapon': document
135 confirmed ill on h1n1 flu in Tula
Germany warns Russia against exploiting teen 'rape' case
State Duma is approved by 42% of Russians, disapproved by 57% (Levada)
Russian aggression a top concern in U.S. European Command's new military strategy
It's propaganda
Wasserman: I would like to receive citizenship of the Russian Federation together with the whole Ukraine, but Kyiv hijacked, I did not wait
Savchenko is prohibited to use the maps, therefore, for questioning she drew own
It's propaganda
Lavrov: Russia never violated Budapest memorandum. It contained only 1 obligation, not to attack Ukraine with nukes
Russia's response to the Litvinenko report: Obama is a killer. Opposite the US embassy in Moscow.
Raiffeisenbank frustrated client in Moscow: "Let's give Crimea back, we can't afford it"
Raiffeisenbank frustrated client in Moscow:
Russian lawmaker blames the United States for the flu epidemic in Russia
"Vasilyevsky Spusk" is closed in Moscow
Red Square is closed again
It's fakeThere was at least 2 reports of Putin serious illness in 2015, both false. No futher info for few time - likely fake
Russian reporter reporting on "inside info" on Putin's heart attack
Russian TU-95MS Bear H bombers circumnavigated Japan, Jan 26
Lavrov: No Budapest memo violation, as Russia poses no nuke threat to Ukraine
In Moscow girl was shot dead on the street
Russian Twitter account reportedly behind Bomb threats that force pupils at 14 schools to be evacuated