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18 กันยายน 2018

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Putin slams as 'hysteria' claims of Russian meddling in US election
Pussy Riot’s Nadya Tolokno: Julian Assange Is ‘Connected with the Russian Government’
Putin: Russians and Ukrainians is one people, one history of the people, one culture
Putin: The West constantly talks about Kremlin propaganda. I'd like to have that kind of propaganda machine. But we don't have CNN or BBC.
Putin Says Russia Doesn't Plan To Attack Anyone
St. Petersburg 'Troll Factory' Attacked With Molotov cocktail
Putin yelled at officials who supported the actions of the Ministry of defence in relation to NATO, shouted, are you mad
Azerbaijan sentenced a pro-democracy activist to 10 years in prison amid an ongoing crackdown on dissenting voices
Poland's militias "want to be ready for anything" amid rising tensions with Russia
Russian S-300 air defense units on alert due to drill in Voronezh region
Man with grenade robbed a bank in Kurgan, Russia
Speaking to @ChicagoCouncil @JohnKerry says Russia's Putin interfering "in the functioning of our democratic systems."
KGB operated network of moles in Israel during Soviet era: report
In Autumn 2014, the Russian government seriously considered developing a Russian Silicon Valley (called "Digital Valley") in Crimea.
Russia says did not ask for ships to refuel in Spain: Interfax
U.S. officials: Russian armada enters Mediterranean Sea.
Russian anti-Putin businessman Evgeniy Chichvarkin confirms authenticity of #SurkovLeaks he's featured in
Fighting between security forces and militants in Tagirkent, Kazmlyar villages of Magaramkent district of Dagestan
Russia tests nuclear-capable hypersonic glider warhead - Defense Ministry report
Russia will cut €23.8 million in interest from Bulgaria's Belene debt if it pays off the bill by December 15
Russian Supreme court confirmed the sentence of Karpiuk and Klych for participation in the Chechen war
Russia's embassy in Spain says that the request for Russian warships to refuel in the Spanish port at Ceuta has been withdrawn
Fresh Russian airstrikes kill 18 in Syrias Idlib
ISIS claims attack in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. Attack took place on October 23
Kremlin just said Surkov doesn't use e-mail
Russian PM was evacuated after fire alert at "Open innovations" forum in Skolkovo
LifeNews: Russia successfully tests hypersonic warhead.
Confirmed by inside source: SurkovLeaks from [email protected] are real. Yandex emails with the plot to destabilize Ukraine were faked
Russian Navy "Velikiy Novgorod" was commissioned today
RuAF Tu-160,-95,-22M3 strategic bombers, A-50U, Su-24,-25,-27,-34 and MiG-29,-31 participate in joint CIS Air Defence drill
CIS countries start anti-aircraft defence exercises.
According to Izvestia, Russia to deploy "Bal", "Bastion" and "Kalibr" in the Baltic sea and Kaliningrad
Aleksandr Zakharchenko was suggested to Surkov as possible DNR head 3 months before he really headed the "republic".
RUAF strategic AF sw net up with voice traffic - Tu22m3 Tu95 Tu160 for CIS Air defense drill
Nadia Savchenko appears in Russian High Court in Moscow for the appeal of Ukrainian citizens Karpyuk and Klykh
Russian police raid homes of relatives of VKontakte + Telegram founder Pavel Durov
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