Map. History of Russia conflict

17 November 2017
Activists filmed video for Russian killers in Syria and Ukraine
Activists filmed video for Russian killers in Syria and Ukraine
The minibus collided with two cars in the South of Moscow, seven people wounded
Russian MFA: Moscow outraged by the refusal of the district court of new York to reconsider the case of Victor But
#Russia: pensions will fall in real terms in 2015 - the first time since Putin first became president.
US boxer Roy Jones Jr. gets Russian passport. "I'm Russian!" he exclaims, as The Surgeon drapes him in Russian flag.
Anti-terrorist drills in Bryansk
Screenshots of convo b/t Kostenko colleagues. Left: serviceman who served w/ deceased Russian soldier.
In Moscow declared "orange" storm danger
Putin urged not to use foreign currency in the calculations within the RF
Russian secret service looking for ISIS recruiter Bikmaev from Penza region
Russian soldier who knew Vadim Kostenko and unloaded coffin told me it is zinc-lined & sealed. Sister said she doesn't believe suicide story.
"I will never believe this version (suicide)," says mother of Russian soldier who died in Syria. MOD says suicide.
Kremlin says it has no information on reports of a Russian soldier's death in Syria
Near Shoigu house there are 2 houses owned by son and wife of Moscow region Governior Vorobiev
Russian defense Ministry confirmed the death of a serviceman at an air base in Syria. Cause of suicide
Oleg Navalny was threatened to be transfered from a colony to a prison.
1.700 people in #Russia in custody for terrorism, extremism — #Russian Federal Penitentiary Service
Activists found $18M house of Russian Defence Minister Shoigu
In a closed Federation Council meeting, Russia's set to equate Open Russia with ISIS
Russian soldier Vadim Kostenko from Kuban' was killed in Syria - relatives
Russian aircraft carrier "Admiral #Kuznetsov" hold SAM driils
#Russia's budget for 2016 allocates $50.5bn (over 4% of GDP or 19.6% of budget expenditure) on #defence
Peskov on victory PiS in Poland: We want good relations with Poland, but not be forced
Russian Navy planning big exercises at South China Sea next year
In the state Duma of RF called elections in Ukraine "the political circus"
In Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky introduced a state of emergency #Kamchatka
Russian propagandist Solovyov: "the very wording: "In Ukraine today the elections", - was ridiculous!"
Russian Orthodox Church named chips and energy drinks as "non-orthodox" products. Now it's a sin
Dutch IT security firm says up to 500 Dutch businesses, including media, are hacked by foreign services, mostly Russia, China and Iran
The air traffic between Ukraine and Russia halted. In Boryspil today there is no flight to Moscow