Map. History of Russia conflict

17 มีนาคม 2018

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Russian anti-aircraft missile governmentnt conducts live fire exercises with S-400 'Triumph' - Buryatia, Russia.
Northern fleet carries out launches of cruise missiles during exercises in the Arctic - TASS.
Russian journalist Grigori Pasko attacked in Siberian city of Barnaul
2 shot men found in a car in St.Petersburg
Zakharova: What the US side is doing at the UNSC is simply devaluating the importance of this body
Drill of airborne troops in Ryazan region
Use of nukes most likely "by Russia or North Korea to try to coerce a conventionally superior opponent to back off" per Carter
Russia "nuclear saber-rattling and building of new nuclear weapons systems raises serious questions" abt commitment to stability, per Carter
Russian strategic HF Tu-95 autumn frequency 8033 USB. Digital data going out, signal quality is strong.
Russian Air Force - Open Skies observation a/c Tu154 RA85655 / RF85655
Zakharova criticises US UN envoy’s remarks on Russian 'barbaric actions'
Zakharova criticises US UN envoy’s remarks on Russian 'barbaric actions'
Markin denied information about Bastrykin resignation
Chief of Russian investigative committee Bastrykin resigned
The space photographs that the US and Ukraine talked about could explain the situation with launch of missile at Malaysian Boeing - Russia.
Russian Mindef: there was no any other aircrafts near MH17
Leningrad region of Russia: infantry unit in Kamenka village(South to Vyborg) on battle alert for drill
TASS: Background radiation in Nizhny Novgorod after radiation leak is normal.
Someone burnt a car of Russian fan association Shprygin
Seven employees of nuclear facility in Nizhny Novgorod hospitalised after radioactive leak.
British intelligence agencies thwarted the attack of Russian hackers
Ayrault, Jean-Marc urged Russia and Iran to stop Assad
Aleppo horror: dozens of civilians killed in Russian and Syrian strikes
Kisselyov on RU State Tv "But what if @HillaryClinton does get pregnant? Medical advances make that possible. To whom will she leave the US?
Russian Ministry of Defense will hold briefing on #MH17 tomorrow
7 killed in Dagestan as result of road accident with bus
Video message from the self-proclaimed King of Hawaii. "We have seen signs that the occupying force is losing its legitimacy," he says.
Indigenous Puerto Rican separatist speaking now
"The people of California are quite different from the rest of the United States, we are a separate nation." He plans referendum campaign. California was annexed by US military, forced to subsidize the rest of US, imperial foreign policy, and lacks adequate rep in DC, he says
Moscow Separatist meeting: Now the leader of the Californian separatists is speaking. He has come to Moscow from Ekaterinburg, where he works as an English teacher.
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