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21 มิถุนายน 2018

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Russia to go ahead with USD 3 billion bond issuance in attempt to bypass Western sanctions
Memorial of Nemtsov now
Several Akula-class Nuclear-powered attack submarines were recently sighted in Gadzhiyevo, Russia
Verkhovna Rada MP Rifat Chubarov: "a Year ago a man was murdered,who loved his country and loved Ukraine,"
Rally at Maidan in memory of Nemtsov
Truck with military vehicle in Rostov Region, close to Ukrainian border
People with banners with word "Putin" were not allowed to attend march. "Putin is war"
Activists of Petrozavodsk and their Nemtsov bridge
At Nemtsov Bridge in Moscow now
Rally in memory of Nemtsov in Nizhniyy Novhorod
Rally near RF Embassy in Kyiv
Savchenko column at Nemtsov march in Moscow today. Singing Ukrainian anthem.
Savchenko column at Nemtsov march in Moscow today. Singing Ukrainian anthem.
Russian activist near RF Embassy "Hitler is alive and works as Putin"
Russian activist near RF Embassy Hitler is alive and works as Putin
Trump being advised by ex-U.S. Lieutenant General who favors closer Russia ties
Trucks full of conscripts just in case opposition gets rambunctious at Nemtsov memorial
5 dead, 26 trapped miners at Severnaya mine in Komi Republic
24 thousands at Nemtsov march in Moscow
Ukrainians at the Moscow march. Singing the anthem, shouting "Glory to Ukraine".
"Hands off Ukraine". Crimean-Tatar and Ukrainian flags at rally in Moscow
Yashin: "Russia will be free" @IlyaYashin
[email protected] leads section of memorial march to Nemtsov . Ppl chanting Russia without Putin, Russia will be free
Meeting in memory of Nemtsov in St. Peterburg
Almost 23 thousands people at Nemtsov march
"I'm not scared" + Ukrainian flag. Slain Nemtsov was against war, of course.
No estimation on numbers, cause too much people at Nemtsov rally
"Let's stop Russcism" at Nemtsov March
"Killed for telling the truth", banner says
In Saratov, a public meeting in memory of Nemtsov
Moscow: Boris Nemtsov memorial march. Vira Savchenko and lawyers @mark_feygin & @Moscow_advokat
"Down with the police state" - Nemtsov march in Moscow
"We understand all, and will not forgive" - reference to Kadyrov threats
Nemtsov march in St. Petersburg
"Russia will be free"
Police helicopter over Nemtsov march in Moscow
Rally in St. Petersburg is not authorized, but many people
Lubyanka square for some reason blocked
Military column on Tverskaya street
Rally in Moscow "Save Nadezhda Savchenko"
All kinds of strange flags at Nemtsov March, including nationalist ones
"My time on a post of the head of Chechnya is over," — said Kadyrov
#Nemtsov Rally gathering in St.Petersubrg
U.N. rapporteur on N. Korea human rights calls on Russia to not extradite defectors to N. Korea
"I'm against Crimea annexation" - rally in Moscow
The procession to the memory of Nemtsov. People still gather on Pushkin square
Protester with Ukrainian flag at Pushkinskaya square
Police in St.Petersburg
In Krasnoyarsk, organizer of meeting in memory of Nemtsov kidnapped. Police banned the demo without him
In Kemerovo at demo in memory of Nemtsov were detained six people
Rally in Yaroslavl' in memory of Nemtsov
Kasyanov laid flower at "Nemtsov bridge"
Nemtsov March: "Freedom costs much"
About a hundred people came on the picket in memory of Boris Nemtsov in Tomsk
Heavy police presence in Moscow amid Nemtsov murder anniversary
In Voronezh provocateurs pelted people with eggs, brilliant green
Tefft: we hope that Russia's future will be at least partly the same as Nemtsov dreams
Police at Red Square preparing for March in Memory of Boris Nemtsov
Traffic on RUAF strategic sw voice net active in Western Russia
Cops on Myasnitskaya in central Moscow, ahead of Nemtsov march.
76743 flies in Krymsk RA76743
Russian strategic aviation active
In one of the military units of the Chechen Republic there was a mass brawl
In one of the military units of the Chechen Republic there was a mass brawl
St.Petersburg city authorities will increase spending on equipment for crowd control at protests by 500%
66-year-old organizer of tomorrow's march for Boris Nemtsov in Chelyabinsk severely beaten
Russia to promote normalization of Arab countries’ relations with Iran — FM
Russia's rearmament 50% ahead of plan — official
Russian MPs declined to observe minute of silence in honor of Boris Nemtsov. Only two did.
It's propaganda
Vice-PM Rogozin about the changes in the army: Even due to wear of our pilots in Syria, it is clear that now we are playing in the Premier League
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