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26 กันยายน 2018

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KGB operated network of moles in Israel during Soviet era: report
In Autumn 2014, the Russian government seriously considered developing a Russian Silicon Valley (called "Digital Valley") in Crimea.
Russia says did not ask for ships to refuel in Spain: Interfax
U.S. officials: Russian armada enters Mediterranean Sea.
Russian anti-Putin businessman Evgeniy Chichvarkin confirms authenticity of #SurkovLeaks he's featured in
Fighting between security forces and militants in Tagirkent, Kazmlyar villages of Magaramkent district of Dagestan
Russia tests nuclear-capable hypersonic glider warhead - Defense Ministry report
Russia will cut €23.8 million in interest from Bulgaria's Belene debt if it pays off the bill by December 15
Russian Supreme court confirmed the sentence of Karpiuk and Klych for participation in the Chechen war
Russia's embassy in Spain says that the request for Russian warships to refuel in the Spanish port at Ceuta has been withdrawn
Fresh Russian airstrikes kill 18 in Syrias Idlib
ISIS claims attack in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. Attack took place on October 23
Kremlin just said Surkov doesn't use e-mail
Russian PM was evacuated after fire alert at "Open innovations" forum in Skolkovo
LifeNews: Russia successfully tests hypersonic warhead.
Confirmed by inside source: SurkovLeaks from [email protected] are real. Yandex emails with the plot to destabilize Ukraine were faked
Russian Navy "Velikiy Novgorod" was commissioned today
RuAF Tu-160,-95,-22M3 strategic bombers, A-50U, Su-24,-25,-27,-34 and MiG-29,-31 participate in joint CIS Air Defence drill
CIS countries start anti-aircraft defence exercises.
According to Izvestia, Russia to deploy "Bal", "Bastion" and "Kalibr" in the Baltic sea and Kaliningrad
Aleksandr Zakharchenko was suggested to Surkov as possible DNR head 3 months before he really headed the "republic".
RUAF strategic AF sw net up with voice traffic - Tu22m3 Tu95 Tu160 for CIS Air defense drill
Nadia Savchenko appears in Russian High Court in Moscow for the appeal of Ukrainian citizens Karpyuk and Klykh
Russian police raid homes of relatives of VKontakte + Telegram founder Pavel Durov
Moscow airport announces $865 mn expansion ahead of World Cup
Russia positions two missile corvettes in Baltic Sea tonight: Swedish Armed Forces
Russia is bidding for a seat on the UN Human Rights Council
Russian media watchdog Roskomnadzor wants to restrict access to LinkedIn
RIA: Shoigu arrived in Delhi for a meeting of the intergovernmental commission
Less than 3 months before little green men, Putin's aide Surkov holds a meeting "on Crimea's social and economic development prospects".
"Daily Ukrainian reports" were sent to Surkov before EuroMaidan
Libyan PM open to security cooperation with Russia
DNR official Pushilin sent a list of injured/dead to Surkov. His list includes a fatality who was described as "Pskov VDV." #SurkovLeaks
A letter from the "public representatives of the Donbass" was sent to Surkov for edits/corrections a week before publication #SurkovLeaks
Surkov's aide AS Pavlov ran a lot of his stuff, including edits on announcement of DNR's establishment from address #SurkovLeaks
#SurkovLeaks: Russian oligarch Maloofeev email to Surkov with candidates for "DNR government" for approval
#SurkovLeaks dump contains only 2013-2014 materials, correspondence of 2015-2016 has been handed over to security services
Surkov's advisor considers Borodai's MH17 interview with @ChrisCuomo a win because he was called "mister Prime Minister." #SurkovLeaks
Looks like those leaked Surkov emails were legit. The .PST file lets you navigate inbox - header info is pretty convincing.
In Surkov Outlook PST file there's an email to Alfa Group owner German Khan
Surkov Leak: At least one document on Russian militants casualties at Donbas from "Donbas rebel Pushilin" - 67 dead on 26.05-06.06.14
Surkov Leak: Published docs and emails about Ukraine, Abkhazia, South Osetia, minor business issues, and even invite to Robbie Williams party in Skolkovo
CyberHunta hacker group as proof of Surkov email hack published his passport
Russian strategic troops launched ICBM RS-18(SS-19 Stiletto) today. Successfully hit Kura Range at Kamchatka
Russia, St Petersburg "street art" sees giant image of DNR group commander Motorola appear
Cafe wall collapsed in Derbent
Russian engineers show new ICBM RS-28 Sarmat
PHOTO: Russian exercise with «Iskander-M» missile system near the Estonian border last week
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