Map. History of Russia conflict

17 November 2017
Russian foreign Ministry said about the impossibility visit of Matvienko to USA
In Kuzbas hypermarkets restricted the sale of vegetables and fruits
The Putin's approval rating had dropped to 83%
A military unit, where the soldier shot two. Same where were "lost" in Ukraine paratroopers last year
In the state Duma supported the punishment of officials for using Google
Ilya Yashin was released from police
The conscript killed six soldiers in the Yaroslavl region of Russia
Head of FSB Patrushev demands to punish officials for WhatsApp using
At the creameries plant in the Saratov region there was an explosion
Russian schools to initiate Chinese language test
Police detained one of Russian opposition leader Illa Yashin in Kostroma
Gref refused to believe that oil price will drop
Facebook refused to transfer information about users in Russia
In Berlin at the Embassy of the Russian Federation
Picket in Nizhny Novgorod in support of Ukrainian hostages
Russian Central Bank has advised banks to test exchange 100-120 rubles per dollar
RF Prosecutor General PR Markin: SBU will turn to FBI to extradite Google founder Sergey Brin to Ukraine
Rostov's "court": Crimean director Oleg Sentsov found guilty in many terror charges, punished for 20 years in colony
Germany exports to Russia drop 31% to €10.5 billion in first half of 2015, down €4.7 billion
MiG Project 1.44 MFI at MAKS-2015 static display
Wikipedia has received notification of the deletion of article "Charas" from the registry of banned websites
Ulyukayev: Russia's economy "at the bottom"
Demo in St.Petersburg to congratulate Ukraine with Independence Day
Truck with soldiers overturned in Kazan', Russia
Truck with soldiers overturned in Kazan', Russia
The USA denied a visa to head of Russian Senate Matvienko
Activists in Rostov staged a picket for the Day of Indepence of Ukraine
International Tribunal: the Russian authorities violated the law of the sea, capturing the Arctic Sunrise
The collapse of the ruble stopped the sale of package tours abroad
Patriarch Kirill has condemned the pursuit of wealth
40+ residents at the meeting of Ilya Yashin in Kostroma