Map. History of Russia conflict

19 October 2017
DOJ says former Manafort associate, Dmytro Firtash, is an "upper-echelon" associate of Russian Organized Crime
No final decision on signing Russia sanctions bill, says @SHSanders45.
Russian arrested in connection with BTC-e is "chief suspect in the MtGox theft and subsequent money laundering."
Russian man arrested in Greece connected to BTC-e cryptocurrency exchange - sources
A Russian man (L) suspected of running a money laundering operation is escorted by a plain-clothes police officer to a court in Thessaloniki, Greece July 26, 2017
Russian Embassy in Greece has confirmed detention of Russian citizen
Police said the man, identified as Alexander Vinnik, headed a organisation that has allegedly laundered at least four billion dollars since 2011 using the virtual currency.
TASS: Shoigu: Russia has been forced to increase potential of southern military district due to threat from outside.
The Russian Ambassador was summoned to the foreign Ministry of Moldova
Kremlin on new US sanctions: "Extremely unfriendly" move, "sad" for relations and international law
U.S. energy secretary duped into fake interview with Russian comedians
Greek authorities say they have arrested a Russian man wanted in the United States on suspicion of masterminding a money laundering operation involving at least $4 billion through bitcoin transactions
"Peter the Great" and "Dmitry Donskoy" in Kronstadt before the parade in honor of Navy Day
Tundra and Kosmos military satellites are now operable - Ministry of Defense of Russia
Gazprom stated that US sanctions could delay or stop the construction of Nord Stream 2
Russia says US sanctions vote 'step towards destroying' better ties: TASS
House approves Russia/Iran/North Korea sanctions bill - 419-3. The three GOP against were Reps. Justin Amash, Jimmy Duncan and Thomas Massie.
US House votes overwhelmingly for sanctions on Russia, Iran and NKorea, and to curb President Trump's authority to waive the penalties. 419-3
US House passes sanctions against Russia, Iran, North Korea
Iraq VP @nourialmalikiiq in Russia.
A large-scale inspection of the combat readiness of motorized rifle, tank, artillery, missile, engineering and other units deployed in the Orenburg, Samara and Penza regions is under way in the Central Military District (TsVO)
Russian Ministry of foreign Affairs demands to provide "urgent" consular access to the detained in Ukraine Russian citizen Viktor Ageev
Yesterday in Buynaksk district, Dagestan, south Russia, residents blocked road in protest of water supply
Russian Navy Cruiser Pyotr Velikiy arrives in Kronstadt. Now.
Peskov: deployment peacekeepers at Donbass possible only with the consent of the parties, and Russia is not a party of conflict
TASS: Trump supports investigating Ukraine's actions in sabotaging his election campaign.
Committed to transparency through Vienna Document: @USArmyEurope hosted Russian inspection team for #SaberGuardian in Bulgaria and #GeticaSaber in Romania
Russia's Foreign Minister says some in Washington have contracted Russophobia
Court rejects 500,000-rouble lawsuit by Zvezda military channel staff against Arkady Babchenko for calling it foremost propaganda agency.
Trump will study Russia sanctions bill and will see how it ends up - White House spokeswoman