Map. History of Russia conflict

18 November 2017
Belarus activist @1863x reportedly detained by Russian security services. Last known location - Kyiv.
#bbcpanorama: The US Treasury said that the Russian President has been amassing secret wealth #putin
BBCPanorama: The scale of corruption in Russia is estimated to be in the region of $30 billion - this is 10-12% of GDP
BBCPanorama: The US Treasury has told us that the Russian president is corrupt and that the US govt has known this for many years
In the Rostov region already eight people have died from swine flu
Foreign investors are abandoning Russian stocks
In Kazan gunpowder plant is on fire
In Dagestan, in the village of Andi is fighting between security forces and militants
On burying Lenin, Putin says he's against anything that would divide society
#Russian aircraft carried out 169 sorties over last three days, hit 484 targets in #Syria
A well-known journalist Larisa Kaftan was brutally beaten in Moscow
Unknown location
Russian Mig-31 crashed in Krasnoyarsk region
Medvedev gave the government one week for anti-crisis plan
Russian Navy BSF Ropucha class LST Novocherkassk transits southbound Bosphorus en route to #Tartus #Syria
Putin: Russia is not going to interfere in Syria governance
Dagestan Imam is sentenced for appeals to terror
Putin to attend All Russia People's Forum
Russian Navy BlackSea Aux. Fleet's Dvinitsa50 Bosphorus crossed southbound. Escorted by TCSG 25
Bill Browder About to testify at @coe with @ZhannaNemtsova calling for international investigation into murder of Boris Nemtsov
#France hopes to see #Russia sanctions lifted 'this summer' - French economy minister
Russia bans imports of some agricultural products from Armenia, mainly dairy and meat, over swine flu
Russia's "SouthFront" propaganda mouthpiece has undergone a facelift, now calling itself a "analysis and intel" source
#Kiselyov: "The UK's historical mission to defeat #Russia caused accusations in #Litvinenko case, as well as #MH17."
Vesti:"The Englishwoman is dumping on us"
Russian TV slams UK for criticising Russia over Syria, over MH17 and for supporting sanctions
Russian TV anchor slams Britain over Crimean war in 19th c, over Britain's role in WW1 and Churchill for wanting to nuke the Kremlin.
Unknown location
Photo from Syria: Russian military reloading MLRS Uragan
The police of Dagestan blocked a rally in support of Kadyrov and Putin.
St. Petersburg. Banner "Ramzan Kadyrov is shame of Russia"
Chechens rally in Sweden. "Kadyrov- pride of Russia and shame of Chechnya!"