Map. History of Russia conflict

21 February 2018


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RT, Tass And Rossiya Segodnya Forced To Cut Budgets For 2015 By 50%
in Moscow, protester was detained for comparing Putin to Hitler
Russian Foreign Ministry accused #Latvia of discrimination against Russian-speaking population
According to the @NSA_PAO, Litvinenko was killed by Russia for his investigation on Putin and Semion Mogilevich
Mogilevich lives freely in Moscow despite an FBI rap sheet the features nuclear trafficking
2 protests await #Putin's in #Hungary, #Budapest on arrival
Hillary #Clinton have parodied #Putin
Hillary Clinton have parodied Putin
"We would be on the verge of war" if US, EU exclude Russia from SWIFT system - Andrey Kostin, Chairman, Russian State Bank VTB
NATO has put Russia in a number of global terrorism
Medvedev will be representing Russia at King Abdullah's funeral in Saudi Arabia
"Conscripts" are forced to sign contracts near St. Petersburg and to go to the Donbass, - Russian MP
Russia decided to replace the school bell on military tunes
Apartment door of the Russian human rights activist Zvyagina was smeared with faeces
World oil prices have risen after the news about the death of the King of Saudi Arabia
Just heard Russ dep-PM Shuvalov. Implied Putin would be eliminated by own Russ power circle if he yielded to demands for freedom/democracy
A crowd of Armenians killed a Russian soldier in Mineralnye vody
OSCE condemns conviction of Russian journalist Sergei Reznik.
The Cabinet is prepared to include another town to the area of #ATO
British women who join ISIS are signing up to join the moral equivalent of Nazis
Bill to bar "undesirable" foreign countries passes 1st Duma reading. @RFERL's Russian Service likely to fall under it
USA will produce AK-47
The Russian Federation proposed the UN to adopt a resolution on "unacceptable coup as a means of regime change"
Cargo-200 - 20 Russian paratroopers of 11th Airborne Assault Brigade came in Ulan-Ude. The families of the victims do not receive compensation
Activists are picketing City Council #Kharkiv
#Israel police shoot man in bus stabbing attack
Rosmolodezh and the Ministry of agriculture want to revive labour camps for youth
Navalny: War in Ukraine has damaged Russia's geopolitical interests for 50-100 years ahead
Navalny on Night Wolves (who call for violence against gays): These guys themselves look like caricature gays from American comedies.
#Japan promised Ukraine $300 million
Putin has threatened that he will respond to all calls to other countries