Map. History of Russia conflict

24 November 2017
Demo in St.Petersburg to congratulate Ukraine with Independence Day
Truck with soldiers overturned in Kazan', Russia
Truck with soldiers overturned in Kazan', Russia
The USA denied a visa to head of Russian Senate Matvienko
Activists in Rostov staged a picket for the Day of Indepence of Ukraine
International Tribunal: the Russian authorities violated the law of the sea, capturing the Arctic Sunrise
The collapse of the ruble stopped the sale of package tours abroad
Patriarch Kirill has condemned the pursuit of wealth
40+ residents at the meeting of Ilya Yashin in Kostroma
Petersburg buying foreign currency. The queue is growing
Russian Media Watchdog Roskomnadzor ordered to block Wikipedia
FBK accused Peskov of taking bribes in the form of renting a yacht for honeymoon for 26 million
The oppositionist Leonid Volkov s was charged with the obstruction of the activities of journalists of TV channel LifeNews
Police detained the man with the grenade launcher in Moscow metro
Oil currencies hit by Brent drop below $45 -- ruble of Russia approaching all-time low
Alexei Ulyukayev did not exclude the fall in oil prices below $40
1 US Dollar equals 71.00 Russian Ruble
Already the dollar cost over 70 rubles, jumped up as soon as the currency exchange in Moscow opened.
Railway soldiers complete over 60% of groundwork for construction of bypass around Ukraine - General Bulgakov
SU-30SM Flanker fighter performing rehearsal flight before MAKS-2015 airshow
Flooded Ekaterinovka in Primorye
11.5 thousand military are included in the group of fighting forest fires in Siberia and in the Far East
In Nizhny Tagil in the collapse of overlappings of a house under construction killed worker
The head Prosecutor of the Astrakhan region Oleg Dupak shot himself at home
Russian Agrarian minister made a ban on import to Russia of foreign wine
Daughter of Putin's spox Peskov protected her instagram account
Russian web search Yandex on request "Peskov clock" shows only sandglasses
Ilya Yashin met with people in villages of Kostroma region
The helicopter crashed in the Moscow river on Rublevsky beach
Medvedev: the weakening of the ruble linked to the fall of oil prices
Protest In Moscow against the war with Ukraine