Map. History of Russia conflict

22 November 2017
Generals of Russian army- commanders in East Ukraine promoted by Putin's order of 11/06 No 276.
Protest again new law on terrorism in St.Petersburg
Governior of Kirov region of Russia @NikitaBelyh after arrest
Governior of Kirov region of Russia Nikita Belyh detained in Moscow for EURO 400K bribe
Belarus, Grodno: Funeral of military who was killed in Syria
The tanks and motorized infantry of the WMD destroyed the imaginary enemy in the excercises near Nizhny Novgorod
It's simply "ridiculous" to wait implementation of the Minsk agreements From Russia - Putin
Putin says #Brexit reflects unhappiness with migration and security worries
Putin signed a law on news aggregators
The Duma has just voted to adopt both packages of anti-terrorist amendments
Putin: SCO needs to counter terrorism emanating from Afghanistan
Moscow's Mayor upbeat about Brexit: "Without UK in the EU, there's no one there who'll back sanctions against us so stridently," he tweeted
Putin and Russia have nothing to do with Brexit, Russian MP says. But it was a "personal failure by Barack Obama."
Moscow Not Giving Optimistic Forecast For Russian-British Relations Following Brexit Results - Russian Foreign Ministry Source
"How was the boating?" ombudsman asks girl who survived storm—14 kids drowned/froze to death
Olympics: 'Clean' Russian athletes can compete in Rio as 'neutrals' - IAAF (AFP)
In Ulyanovsk burning building of ammunition factory
A/S Nuland has arrived in Moscow and is on her way into town for meetings w Russian officials on Minsk implementation.
Zakharova: If the movement of Russian diplomats is restricted in the US, we will take reciprocal action against US diplomats in Russia
Interfax: Duma doesn't find reasons to deploy nuclear weapons in Crimea or Kaliningrad.
Zakharova: Unfortunately, violence has not ceased in Syria even in the holy month of Ramadan
"Gun truck" exercises in Krasnodar region of Russia
Reuters: Russia seen putting new nuclear-capable missiles along NATO border by 2019
Eysk: MANPADS drill
20 tonnes of Ukrainian strawberry "destroyed" in Krasnodar region of Russia
ISIS shown KAMAZ truck in whic 3 Russian soldiers were killed
Amaq website URL suggests ISIS indeed took the presumably deceased Russian soldiers' photos from an Android phone.
IS Publishes alleged documents and cell phone pictures Of 3 killed #RUS soldiers on highway Raqqa-Ithriyah
Islamic State claims to have killed 3 Russian soldiers on the Ithriya-Raqqa highway
Syria Amaq:ISIS killed 3 Russian soldiers in Athriya-Raqqa road,these pictures found on their phones