Map. History of Russia conflict

23 November 2017
Heavy rains flooded Lipetsk
ISIS declares governorate in Russia’s North Caucasus region
Putin signed a decree of the extension of retaliatory sanctions for year
Deadly passenger bus collision with truck in Omsk region, at least 14 dead
The Moscow city Duma approved a referendum on the return of Dzerzhinsky monument
At paint factory in Vladimir occurred explosion
The approval rating of Putin in Russia hit 89%
In Bonn began trial on hacker "Hell" who have stolen private data of Russian opposition leaders
Huge fire breaks out at Rosneft-owned Saratov oil refinery
Huge fire breaks out at Rosneft-owned Saratov oil refinery
The fire at the refinery in Saratov
Russian official feigned illness in order to enter the EU and circumvent sanctions
In Dagestan, Russian military used aviation against militants
A Fire at the factory "Red October" in Volgograd
A Fire at the factory
Russian opposition activist @alburov "is guilty for distribution of brochures" in Magadan
Gimrinsky tunnel blocked because Anti-terrorist operation in two districts of Dagestan
Court in Magadan may equate the distribution of brochures to the organization of the rally
Ramzan Kadyrov has "protected" his Instagram
Large batch of report #PutinWar printed in Russia. Sent to the regions.
During a special operation in Dagestan killed a serviceman of the Russian troops
In two districts of Dagestan introduced a counter-terrorism operation
Site of Russian Consumers rights association, who published recommendations on Crimea, blocked by media watchdog
The fire at the warehouse of plastic pipes in St. Petersburg
Protest against the increase in electricity prices in Yerevan
Protests in Yerevan - The flags of Armenia and the European Union
Russian Prosecutor General's office wants to prosecute Consumers Rights association for the call not to visit Crimea
Pro-Putin kids rally in Magadan, Russia
Former YUKOS shareholders filed papers in High Court of London. They seek payment of 50 bln by Russia on the suit
Employees of the Vostochny space centre went on strike again
About 5 tons of ammonia got into the atmosphere as a result of depressurization of the ammonia pipe in the Voronezh region
Russian state Duma want to label goods of firms, working with Nazi Germany