Map. History of Russia conflict

19 October 2017
Putin to spend few days at Valday residence, already arrived
Novaya Gazeta ordered forensic comparison of voice of alleged MH17 BUK "guardian" from SBU tapes, and RU officer they interviewed. Match.
#MH17: ex-brother-in-arms of Sergey "Khmury" Dubinski, confirmed his voice on SBU recordings
Top U.S. general says 'not refuting' reports Russia supplying Taliban
Based on EU-US position, today Russia's Peskov said UN mission to Donbas shall be agreed with "separatists" as Moscow is not a party of war.
Putin: We should fight corruption actively so that various adventurers don't use this to their own ends. We need to intensify this work.
#Squawk7700 Emergency declared AF1045 Airbus A310-111 from Moscow to Paris
6-grades student blown up a grenade in school in Dagestan
Dagestan, Russia: 1 killed, 8 wounded in explosion in school in Agvali village
Kamchatka Peninsula, MIG-31 conducting night flight training (23 of April 2017).
[email protected] to Lavrov: "We can't just pretend nothing happened in 2014".
EU cooperation with Russia not frozen. My visit here is a clear evidence of that, Mogherini after meeting Lavrov in Moscow
Russian FM Lavrov says death of American OSCE member in east Ukraine should be investigated carefully
1488 military and 49 vehicles to take part in parade in Rostov-on-Don
In Birobidzhan, Russia's Far East, clashes between workers and the local police are reported
Alexei Navalny opens his presidential election campaign headquarters in Vologda.
Mig-29SMT training flight at Privolzhsky airfield
ISIS claimed responsibility for attack in Khabarovsk
State Department mulls new diplomatic channel with Putin aide
NYT: Russian hack didn't immediately raise alarms with FBI
Carl Bernstein: "Serious belief" in FBI and Congress that there is an "active cover-up" on Russia
Trump, Congress close to information-sharing deal in Russia probes
Russian security service killed 2 "ISIS sleeping cell" member in Stavropol region
Former CIA director Michael Hayden says Russia “really doesn’t want to go to war with us”
Russian lawmaker's son gets 27 years prison in U.S. hacking case
Russia's military held drills with Orlan-10 unmanned aerial vehicles
Russia's military held drills with Orlan-10 unmanned aerial vehicles
Russian Mindef says about fire at underground ammunition depot in Khalino, Kursk region. Fire is localized
Details on today's Khabarovsk, Russia attack: up to 10 attackers robbed 2 shooting clubs of 65 firearms
Shoigu: Military and dual-purpose spacecraft launch infrastructure has been modernized in the Plesetsk Cosmodrome
Shoigu: construction of unique military towns is finished on the Franz Joseph Land and New Siberian Islands in 2017