Map. History of Russia conflict

20 October 2017
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Sean Spicer rips CNN's "dishonest, irresponsible, pathetic" Russia report
[email protected]: RT @noticiasecuador: EN su libro #EcuadorEnLaMira, @e_vold realiza un recuento de los documentos de @wikileaks relacionados con el país. ht…
Russia says will veto proposed Syria sanctions over chemical weapons
CPAC organizers confiscate Russian flags emblazoned with Trump's name
Crowd at CPAC waving these little pro-Trump flags that look exactly like the Russian flag. Staffers quickly come around to confiscate them.
[email protected]: Trump should distinguish between senior intelligence officials conspiring to plant stories, isolated leakers, whistleblowers & publishers.
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The White House is violating rules to pressure the FBI to discredit info it's investigating about Trump campaign ties to Russian officers.
[email protected]: Recent discussion about @SenJohnMcCain and a letter from/to Russia in 2008. Our analysis at the time:
2nd Reactor for Belarus NPP hit the power pillar during transporation
Trump facing GOP pressure to counter Russia's Arctic fleet
Trump lawyer Michael Cohen pushed pro-Russia peace deal, Ukrainian lawmaker says; Cohen denies the claim
With China "see the same type of capability development we see in Russia," says @GenDunford
Implication of Russia's developing capabilities "limit our ability to move to Europe or then operate within Europe" adds Gen Dunford
Russia "what they seek to do is undermine the credibility of our ability to meet our alliance commitments with @NATO," per @GenDunford
Russia operates below "the threshold of conflict...competition that has a military dimesion," says CJCS Gen Dunford
"I believe that we do have a competitive conventional advantage against Russia," per @GenDunford @BrookingsInst "I think Russia knows that"
Russia-"see operational patterns that really we haven't seen since I was a captain" in mid-80s per Chairman of the Jt Chiefs @GenDunford
Ukrainian security service detained members of international hacker group, coordinated from Russia
Rally of Chechens in Strasbourg
Rally of Chechens in Strasbourg
Russian and Belarussian Paratroopers have held their first joint training in the Pskov region, preparing for the joint exercise soon.
Berlin: Chechens protested to remember that Russia deported all Chechen and Ingush nation 73 years ago to Central Asia & other places.
The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov has stated the inadmissibility of attempts to make hero from Joseph Stalin.
RUAF Tu-154 85594 probably escorted fighters from #Latakia to mainland Russia
Docs:Paul Manafort has an office in Moscow
Putin held a meeting with Security Council of Russia
Somebody launched missiles and sank something in the Barents Sea this week
Japan protests Russian military buildup plan in decades-old islands dispute
[email protected]: US journalist @JamesOKeefeIII says he will start publishing ("WikiLeaks style") CNN leaked tapes tomorrow