Map. History of Russia conflict

20 October 2017
Sergey Millian, head of RU-US Trade Chamber, was one source for GoldenLeaks dossier, says @WSJ
"If a deal can be found...he's going to make a deal that's in the best interests of this country" says @PressSec on future of US-Russia
[email protected] Spicer asked by a Russian reporter why he so strongly defends Russia says Trump is a "deal maker."
1,200-strong NATO force begins to arrive in Lithuania as NATO seeks to boost its Baltic presence
Russia:Tank Formations of the Western Military District have been put on the highest level of combat readiness today, district wide training
Ildar Dadin's wife Anastasia Zotova and two journalists were arrested in St, P. for supposedly jaywalking. Solo picketer also arrested.
FBI clears Michael Flynn of wrongdoing in talk with Russian ambassador
Turkey, Russia, Iran decide to establish a trilateral mechanism to observe and ensure full compliance with the Syrian ceasefire
Duma Deputy Chair Petr Tolstoy says Jews behind protests over transfer St. Isaac's Cathedral to Orthodox church
EU task-force set up to challenge 'Russian disinformation' says Angela Merkel is a key target of Russian fake news campaigns
Press Sec. suggests Pres. Trump willing to collaborate with Russia on military operations against ISIS in Syria
RT (formerly Russia Today) reporter charged with felony rioting in DC.
Pentagon says U.S. is not coordinating with Russia on Syria strikes
NEW: Russia claims its warplanes have flown first combat mission in Syria with US-led coalition
Seems like the Russians are referring to Turkey as the U.S led coalition partner, no U.S direct involvement in the air-strikes
Russian Defense Ministry says its warplanes have flown first combat mission in Syria with U.S.-led coalition aircraft
Russia: Military Engineers install a pontoon bridge over the Oka River
Peskov: We Are Expecting Date Of Possible Telephone Call Between Putin, Trump To Be Coordinated Shortly; No Information About Meeting
Rogozin to Putin: As promised, in a couple of months MS-21 will have it's maiden flight
Meduza: Gazprom supports small business. It gave contracts worth 8 billion to an office of five people.
Counterintelligence officials probe Flynn's links to Russia
Seeing hints of Russian propaganda outlets starting to undermine Trump
The current National Security Advisor Michael Flynn is under counterintelligence investigation for ties to Russia.
Kremlin says Putin will "call Trump in the next few days"
Russia celebrates Trump's swearing-in as Putin's spokesman warns differences with U.S. will remain
New York Times Video account apparently hacked, posts fake news tweet about Russia attacking U.S.
Russian parliament expected to move closer toward decriminalizing domestic violence
Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has been reelected as head of the ruling United Russia Party.
Russia's PM Medvedev said that the Russian regions should aim to become [financially] self-sufficient
Dalai Lama says he hopes Presidents Trump, Putin will work together for global peace