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17 กรกฎาคม 2018

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Two Russian UGV's on display in new RT video.
Two Russian UGV's on display in new RT video.
Russia will never initiate an arms race, Kremlin says according to @rianru.
Rostov region of Russia: Police blocking protesting miners in Gukovo village
Rostov region of Russia: Police blocking protesting miners in Gukovo village
Ex-Mayor of Moscow, founder of United Russia party Luzhkov urgently hospitalized
Russian Ministry of Defense announced sending military police battalion in the eastern Aleppo to maintain order in the captured territories
In Domodedovo fire broke out at market "Sphere"
The security forces are conducting a special operation in the Sevastopol hotel in Moscow
A journalist asking question just mentioned "genetic memory" of Russian people
Question from Turkey: Your plane was shot down, your ambassador was killed. This probably isn't a coincidence? Putin: It's attack on Russia.
It's the annual UKR journo question: "You do realise that even if one day you leave office, Russians will stay occupiers for Ukrainians?"
Putin says it's not important who did the hacking, it's important that the info it revealed was true, Democrats should apologise not accuse.
Putin says he doesn't reveal content of private convos. Repeats Trump's words that the hackers couldve been in any country, or random person
Putin categorically denies that there was a government-organized doping program
Putin noted the growth of the population in Russia and recognized the drop in income
Putin: Russia never has state system of doping. But the problem with this is.
Putin: GDP growth in Russia in November
Putin says 'nothing unusual' about Trump's nuclear call
Trump "understood the mood of the people and kept going until the end, when nobody believed in him, except us," says Putin to more applause.
Putin: Relations with Ukraine will be normalized sooner or later
Putin: "Nobody but us believed that [Trump] would win"
Putin says fact that a lot of Republicans support him reflects his support for traditional values
Putin says accusations he interfered in US elex "attempts by the Democrats and current admin to put their failures on external factors."
Putin: "Yes, U.S. has more missiles, submarines and aircrafts, we do not argue. We'll just say that we are stronger than any aggressor - and this is the case."
The lifting of ban to import certain vegetables from Turkey temporarily postponed
Putin: conservation reserves of the Central Bank is a good safety cushion for the economy.
Putin: Russia will soon be able to reach the target inflation of 4%.
Putin: I closely follow such a serious crime as murder Nemtsov
The head of the Russian delegation in PACE will be Peter Tolstoy
Putin: presidential election in Russia is possible, but impractical
Putin evasive on whether suspect and Kadyrov associate Geremeyev will be forced to appear at Nemtsov trial.
Putin: We need to fit into the global technological revolution and become one of its leaders
[email protected]_Mag says Putin's agricultural figures are better than the ones Medvedev gave a week ago.
Putin: In the industry to invest 7.5 billion rubles, in agriculture 216 billion
Putin says anti-crisis measures cannot be permanent
Putin: Russia will be able to get out soon on inflation targets to 4%
Russian Mindef Shoigu reported to Putin about Aleppo
Interfax: 4 dead in Russian Far East after drinking car's antifreeze
Putin to hold annual press conference today
Video footage of "rally" in Kazan' airport terminal
Security incident in Kazan airport, Tatarstan, Russia: a car drove through terminal building, including through airside
Russia loses biathlon, skating events over alleged state-sponsored doping
Moscow, 21 December: Russia|ns bringing flowers to the grave of Joseph Stalin, 20th century mass murderer, on his birthday
Russia may request extradition of Gülen from US
Putin and Netanyahu discussed the issues of cooperation
Cybersecurity firm finds Russian military intelligence unit tied to the DNC hack
Edward Snowden responds: House intelligence report filled with "obvious falsehoods"
Kremlin: Russia's ties with US are frozen
[email protected]'s Moscow-based @mchancecnn just block Kyiv-based @PaulNiland for pointing out that Russia's advance into Ukraine isn't "supposed"
Edward Snowden has been in contact with Russian intelligence officials, according to a new Congressional report
Russia has now targeted NGOs ranging from fighting torture, preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS, and protecting migratory birds.
Russia's Federal Security Service detain Tablighi Jamaat members in Moscow
International Biathlon Union removed Biathlon World Cup 2017 from Russia
Austria’s far right has signed an alliance with President Putin’s United Russia party
The United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes
Putin pays respects at Moscow ceremony to Andrei Karlov, Russia's ambassador to Turkey who was assassinated.
Russian blogger jailed after criticising military intervention in Syria
Police chase in Russia: driver entered Kazan' airport, chase continues inside
China, Russia to construct cross-border highway bridge on boundary river
Snowden continues contacts with Russian intel services: report
M12 is sending this one unscheduled message every 10 minutes since 1200z, cycling through 20829/19034/17423kHz
Le Pen on sanctions on Russia: I want to lift those sanctions. I've always considered them unfair and completely ineffective.
Russia's new armed UGV Soratnik shows off its capabilities at Alabino
Kommersant: Sergei Shoigu considers the anti-Russian direction of military exercises by NATO member countries unacceptable.
Video: gas explosion at Kolomenskaya metro station in Moscow
Video: gas explosion at Kolomenskaya metro station in Moscow
TASS: It's easier for the US to demonise Russia than objectively assess results of presidency - Peskov.
Shoigu equated @NATO exercises to activities of Nazi Germany. The alliance on purpose train their troops to destroy Russian tanks.
Gas cylinder explosion near Kolomenskoe metro station
Putin: without doubts we are stronger than any potential enemy
Russian warplanes launched 71,000 strikes, eliminating 35,000 fighters during Syria aerial campaign – @mod_russia
Putin calls for strengthening Russia's military nuclear potential: agencies
Putin says Russia needs missiles that penetrate 'any shield': agencies
Defense Minister Shoigu speaks at Russian MoD Board meeting
Funeral of Ambassador Andrey Karlov in Moscow
Gas cylinder exploded at Kolomenskaya metro station in Moscow. 4 wounded
Boyaryshnik: In Siberia, more than 50 people have died from drinking deadly bootleg alcohol.
"Dialogue has not been broken," says @statedeptspox on US-Russia relations
RIA: Death toll of "Boyaryshnik" in Irkutsk hit 71
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