Map. History of Russia conflict

21 November 2017
Novak: #Russia can soon consider counter-measures against #Ukraine for leaving Crimea with no electricity
Rus MinDef #Shoigu presented the new commander of the West.military district gen A. Kartapolov
Russian recession is over: economy minister
The anniversary of the Maidan - Ukrainian flag on the Kotelnicheskaya embankment in Moscow
The anniversary of the Maidan - Ukrainian flag on the Kotelnicheskaya embankment in Moscow
Fans of "Spartacus" were forbidden to hang out the banner against ISIS
Putin's armored Mercedes S-600 Pullman Guard and 'Cheget' nuclear briefcase holding command codes to launch in Tehran
Avakov urged to cease trading and terminate the contracts with Russia for the supply of electricity
The power supply of the Crimea will be restored within a few hours - Novak
Citizens of Ekaterinburg asked not to stay away of windows during Putin's visit
Russian Defence Ministry says the country's air force carried out 141 sorties over the weekend and hit 472 targets in #Syria
Boeing 737-300 made a runway excursion in Osh, Kyrgyzstan
Neither dignity nor freedom in Ukraine now, says Russia's propagandist-in-chief Kuselyov in his weekly performance
"The USA is quaking, too!" says Russian TV
Russian PM Medvedev saying the U.S. Is responsible for rise of Islamic State
A suspect is on the loose after shots were fired on IUPUI's campus near Eskenazi Hospital
Twitter permanently ban popular pro-Putin account "Korobkov"
385 artillery brigade of RF with MLRS Uragan redeployed from Orenburg to Rostov region
Truck drivers from Dagestan plans march to Moscow on Nov,30
Obama says will not relent in fight against Islamic state, urges Russia help
The Governor of the Arkhangelsk region called truckers protests brainless
Sanctions against #Russia likely to be extended by another 6 months: all elements of Minsk need to be fulfilled.
Kazan railway station in Moscow cordoned off due to bomb threat
Russian MP Kobzon in Donetsk
Where requests to censor tweets came from this year:72% Turkey, 7% Russia, 4% S Korea 3% India, 3% France, 2% US
Russian MFA: Terror act in Mali is rooted in "the export of democracy"
Truck drivers of Dagestan and Chechnya are going to march to Moscow. "They have nothing to lose. They will stand up to the end"
Kadyrov: some Chechens who fought for ISIS are now back in Chechnya and cooperate with Russia's security services
Putin congratulated Patriarch Kiril with birthday
The body of the 6 Russians killed in #BamakoAttack will be repatriated next week. A day of mourning tomorrow
Mosque is surrounded by police in Omsk