Map. History of Russia conflict

17 December 2017
Police operation in Nizhny Novhorod
3 killed, 15 wounded as result of gas explosion in apartments block in Ryazan, Russia
"New World Hackers" claims responsibility for attack on U.S Internet
There's been a lot of RuAF Open Skies flights over the US lately
Moscow Concerned Over Turkish Airstrikes on Kurdish Positions in Syria - Lavrov
Normandy format leaders didn't find common language in Berlin - Kremlin spokesman Peskov
Ukrainian film director Oleh Sentsov placed in solitary confinement in penal colony in Yakutsk
Russia: foreign ministry describes US statement on possible new sanctions "destruction of relations with Russia."
19 killed, 3 wounded as Mi-8 crashed in Russia
19 killed, 3 wounded in crash of Mi-8 at Yamal-Nenets region of Russia. 3 days mourning declared
Helicopter crash-landed at Yamal, 3 wounded
Russian Search Engine Yandex Announces That Unregistered Media Will Disappear From Search Results
Video of Tusk&Putin at the crash of Polish plane near Smolensk
Ella Taranova, Rossiya Segodnya state news agency producer, is being deported from Latvia because she is on a blacklist.
Organiser of nationalist "Russian march" Dmitri Demushkin ordered into house arrest for allegedly disobeying order not to leave Moscow.
Russian Armed Forces to get 6th Varshavyanka sub, missile systems Buk-M2, Buk-M3
Russian Foreign Ministry summons Belgium ambassador as Brussels denies airstrike in Aleppo
Russia named Sentsov a Russian citizen and refused to extradite him to Ukraine
Car with ammunition was found in Kabardyno-Balkariya, killed by explosion man - near
Syrian rebels preventing evacuation of Aleppo: Lavrov
Aleppo truce extended as Russian warships en route to Mediterranean
Amid tension, Moscow deploys naval fleets, conducts missile drills near border
A-bombs transport convoy near Saratov today
Eight messages today by Russian "UVB-76 Buzzer"
Russian government hackers attacked anonymous Shaltai-Baltai hacker group
Russian Buzzer is active. AZOTOLEShch. ATOMOVKUS. ATOMOVKUS in this messages translates as "Atomic Taste"
Russia refused to leave Debaltseve as per Minsk-2 agreements
Russian President Vladimir Putin Thur says Russia is ready to extend humanitarian pause in the Syrian city of Aleppo as long as possible
Russian and Belarus paratroopers held drills near Brest
RuAF Tu-95MS (strategic bomber) got fire last week at Belaya AB (Irkutsk region). Looks like one of 4 engines was damaged