Map. History of Russia conflict

22 January 2018


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Assistant Secretary Nuland has arrived in Ukraine
LifeNews: Motorola denies his candidacy for MP for Rodina party.
Interfax: Putin reminds the West about the possibility of preventing World War Two.
Russia's secret services tried to recruit Ukrainian diplomat in Moscow
Putin: NATO is strengthening its aggressive actions near our borders, we have to give special attention to defence.
Savchenko is in favor of phasing out economic sanctions against Russia.
Russian diplomats have cracked American restrictions on travel by making requests on Fridays at 5pm
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Russian internet-propagandist "Murid" on Raqqa catastrophe: we can't use aircrafts, possible dozens of Russian troops in IS cattle
Yekaterinburg, Russia: medical helicopter crashed at hospital yard
Kenyan and Russian athletes only eligible for Rio Olympics after individual evaluation says IOC president
President Putin's spokesman: the President did not watch the Russia-Wales match last night.
EU to keep sanctions on Russia for another six months
#russiannavy Sub "Pskov" returned to Severodvinsk on Jun 19 after six days of sonar calibration work
Gareth Bale 3-0. #WAL - #RUS
Russian far-right agitator Shprygin arrested at Euro 2016 in France: ministry
Russia launched drills of marines in Kaliningrad region
Leader of Russian fans are back to #EURO2016 game in France after deportation to Russia
Recent video from Hmeimim airbase showed Russian border pillars i.e. the airbase became a Russian territory
Flashfloods in Lipetsk, Russia
Head of Ukrainian "Opposition bloc" Yuri Boiko visited St Petersburg International Economic Forum
This is original length of Russian Ilovaisk Invasion convoy retreating to Russia
In St. Petersburg negotiations between the presidents of Russia, Armenia and Azerbaijan
IS Confirms The Killing Of Their Senior Caucasus Cmdr/Leader Gasan Abdullaev Aka AbuYassir In Daghestan
Consequences of explosion at Ashuluk firing range
Over 100 participants of fight at warehouse in St.Petersburg. At least 1 dead
Russians to be stripped of citizenship if hired by foreign special services — bill
French police stopped bus of #RUS fans in Toulouse, France
LDPR excludes MPs Irina Chirkova, Dmitri Nosov and Roman Khudyakov from party "for treson" - Lebedev.
Fire at Ashuluk training range
Airborne troops drill in Krasnodar region