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20 กรกฎาคม 2018

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Igor Dodon asked for observation status of Moldova within the Eurasian Economic Union
[email protected]: WikiLeaks cable documents the last vehicle born attack on the UK Parliament: the car-bombing of MP Airey Neave
[email protected]: How NYTimes, MSNBC and Democrats embraced a notorious Tory conspiracy theorist to lead Russia hysteria
[email protected]aks: : U.S. House Intelligence Committee confirms U.S. spies intercepted Trump team communications "on numerous occasions" #Vault7
[email protected]: Whoops: Did US DoJ just accidentally confirm WikiLeaks CIA leaks in court? #Vault7
[email protected]: RT @dw_Sulta5: Now, new episode of #Fifth_Estate with @YosriFouda begins! Wait for #Assange exclusively in English in 10 minutes
[email protected]: 945 documents from our archives on David Rockefeller. a central figure in U.S. power, who died this week aged 101
[email protected]: RT @dw_Sulta5: Watch #Julian_Assange speaking to @YosriFouda in exclusive interview on #Vault7 on @dw_arabic in few minutes!!
Nunes said information was provided to him by an unnamed source; was 'formal, foreign surveillance,' believes all was legal
Nunes says 'possible' Trump communications swept up in incidental surveillance involving his campaign, not related to Russia
[email protected]: Former New Zealand Minister of Defense admits civilian kills in Afghanistan after cover up tried to pin blame on US
[email protected]: RT @MuckRock: In a letter to the editor, #CIA Public Affairs Director corrected the record with a lie of omission b…
House Oversight Committee requests documents from White House, FBI on any communications, payments between Flynn and Russia
White House says Trump campaign was unaware of Manafort's dealings with Russian aluminum oligarch
[email protected]: How to tell if the CIA is listening to your Samsung Smart TV: The blue light on the back of the TV is still on.
At least 13 wounded as gas exploded in house in Moscow, building is on fire
2 emergency helicopters deployed on the site of explosion in house in Moscow
Nikolai Gorokhov is out of critical condition. He's conscious and responsive
Ukraine has banned Russia's Eurovision entrant Yulia Samoilova from Ukraine
Manafort tells NBC News his work for Russian billionaire decade ago "did not involve representing Russian political interests.''
Manafort had $10 million contract to benefit Putin government
Kremlin says French media report on Fillon's Putin introduction is 'fake news'
Trump's ex-campaign chairman Manafort secretly worked for Russian billionaire to "benefit Putin government," files show [email protected]
Russia's force in Syria has suffered losses since late January more than three times higher than the official toll, according to evidence gathered by Reuters, a tally that shows the fight in Syria is tougher and more costly than the Kremlin has disclosed.
China has blocked the Russian social network "Odnoklassniki"
[email protected]: Five Congressional staffers, including technical advisor to Debbie Wasserman Schultz, under criminal investigation
[email protected]: VOA: Cyber Firm at Center of Russian Hacking Charges Misread Data
[email protected]: RT @teleSURtv: Hacking Justice, documental sobre Assange se estrena en mayo
[email protected]: U.S. Assistant Attorney General for National Security (2009-2011) in recent paper on CIA regulation
The column of military equipment in the Rostov region
The column of military equipment in the Rostov region
DNC chairman: Gorsuch shouldn't be confirmed until FBI concludes Trump/Russia investigation
[email protected]: New Zealand led Afghan raid which killed and wounded 21 civilians then covered it up & tried to shift blame to U.S.
[email protected]: Analysis of new CIA guidelines derived from EO 12333--yet note the order bans assassination but CIA does it anyway
Roman Tsimbalyuk was released from Moscow police
Tsymbalyuk refused to give explanations in Russian police
[email protected]: RT @TheEconomist: Leaked CIA travel guidelines make good common-sense business travel tips—for spies and sales managers alike
Ukrainian @unian journalist Roman Tsyumbaluk was detained in Moscow
Nikolai Polozov, lawyer who defended Savchenko and defends Crimean Tatars, may face criminal prosecution by Russia.
[email protected]: New release of old CIA interrogation manual reveals CIA has long engaged in kidnapping, torture, use of proxies
[email protected]: The State of Internet Censorship in Thailand
Secretary of State Tillerson plans to skip NATO meeting, will visit Russia in April - U.S. officials
Magnitsky family lawyer Nikolay Gorohov is in intensive care of Moscow hospital after he have fallen from 4th floor
Russian state propaganda station publicly shows Russian latest precision sniper rifle ORSIS T-5000 and a Serbian mercenary
[email protected]: "I don't think we learned anything new" from FBI Dir. Comey's testimony on possible Trump-Russia ties
First solo display training of the new Su-30SM of the Russian Knights aerobatic team at LIMA 17. At dusk.
Military convoy in Rostov
Military convoy in Rostov
About 3 billion roubles was stolen in racketeering with shares of companies supplying food to the Russian armed forces - military prosecutor
Sberbank to exit Ukrainian market
Kommersant FM 93.6: Participants in hearings in US on "Russian interference" in elections are already confused about the situation - Peskov.
Manafort denies role in election-related cyberattacks
Moscow student who waved Ukrainian flag from dorm window during pro-annexation concert reportedly beaten by FSB.
[email protected]: New book reveals that New Zealand covered up SAS attack on civilians in Afghanistan for the last six years
[email protected]: Press conf: Nicky Hager book on NZ SAS civilian massacre in Afghanistan -- to which US provided support
[email protected]: Nicky Hanger book launch live stream
[email protected]: WikiLeaks partner ace New Zealand investigative journalist Nicky Hager will launch his new book imminently.
[email protected]: Left wing comedian Jimmy Dore on "election hacking"
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