Map. History of Russia conflict

22 January 2018


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A single picket against forum of European Neonazis in St. Petersburg
Protester outside St Petersburg forum venue: "We don't need foreign Nazis. Enough of our own".
Nick Griffin: Nazis - those who kill Russians in Ukraine
Luhansk "rebel" Milchakov on the nazis forum in St. Petersburg
Russian Schoolgirls with blue and yellow ribbons were interrogated as extremists
Russia kills 7 suspected #militants in #Dagestan
Picket of solidarity and against war with Ukraine in Moscow
During counter-terrorism operations killed two bandits in Makhachkala
President of Bulgaria refused to go in Moscow on may 9
Two militants blocked in the five story building on the outskirts of Makhachkala
Chongar after russian occupants
The continuation of the movie about the annexation of #Crimea "Sevastopol. Russian Troy" will be showed in Russia
Over 50 aircrafts were alarmed in Murmansk region
NATO intercepted eight Su-27 & Su-34 fighter jets & 3 Russian milt. transports over Baltic Sea
Cameron restored the Fund of struggle against Russian pressure
The former Ukrainian Deputy, who suspected in crimes, detained in Russia - journalist
The volunteers will clean up the murder scene of Nemtsov
Russia spent on mail of #Crimea 450 million rubles
Putin proposes Belarus and Kazakhstan to create a monetary Union
The status of the Black sea has changed after the annexation of #Crimea, - NATO
European Council formally decided to continue sanctions against Russia
Bloomberg reports that the murder of Boris Nemtsov led by Vladimir Putin in rage
FSB questioned a 14-year-old schoolgirl from Saratov because blue and yellow ribbons in braids
Psaki: Russian military exercises in Crimea put brakes on further diplomacy
Surveillance of #Nemtsov was first launched in February, - investigative committee
Russian SMD gunners training with 2S34 Chosta self-propelled guns at Prudboy range, Volgograd region
Russian troops in Bilgorod Region
Putin arrived in Astana
Russia has been involved in terrorist attacks in Kharkov, - SBU
Lavrov: US incite Kiev for a military solution of conflict