Map. History of Russia conflict

18 November 2017
Head of Zhukovsky district EMERCOM killed in Mi-8 crash
Mi-8 crashed in Moscow region of Russia, 3 killed
Russian election officials report 4571 people voted in Syria
Taxi drivers protest in Moscow, police removing their cars
The judicial and penitentiary systems in Crimea have been converted by Russia into a tool of repressions
Boris Johnson: 'strong' evidence Russia carried out strike on UN convoy in Syria
Russian Energy Minister Novak Says Russia Hope For Constructive OPEC Position At Algeria Meeting
Russian jets practice repelling attack in the Barents Sea
Ukrainian culture center building seized in Moscow
New S-400 units deployed in Leningrad region
Video shows China, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Russia and Tajikistan large scale military drill in Kyrgyzstan.
The Military Parade at Republic Square in Armenia
ISIL captured FSB officer, issued video with his message to Putin and Russia
ISIS affiliate Furat Media released a plea to Putin and Russian citizens from a Russian intel agent captured by ISIS fighters
Russia attempting to “recover lost glory through force,” says @POTUS. #UNGA
Putin's actions also about legitimizing his brand of authoritarian rule in Russia, per CIA's Peter Clement intelcon
Verkhovna Rada: New Russian Duma is illegal
Verkhovna Rada not consider elections in Russia as legitimate, cause Crimea. 264 for
VEB's providing 5.5 billion rubles for a tech park in Chechnya
Airborne troops and airdefence drill launched near Eysk, Kuban'
Airbase near St.Petersburg on battle alert for drill
"Peace Mission-2016" anti-terror drills held in Kyrgyzstan, involving 1,100 troops from SCO members
Il-62M To Latakia Now Dumping Fuel Over Chkalovsky
Zhilin was in restaurant with Andrey Kozyrev, likely one of commanders of "LNR" group. He is heavily wounded
Russian police looking for killer of Zhilin and his friend
Video shows Russian Navy B-271 'Kolpino' 636.3 arriving to Saint Petersburg today.
Oplot leader Yevgeny Zhilin assassinated in a Moscow restaurant. A key anti-Maidan figure in Ukraine.
Russia's Top LGBT News Website Banned. “The Kremlin is afraid of gays” say its administrators
Tochka-U missile drill in Kursk region of Russia
RCB troops on drill in Nizhny Novhorod region