Map. History of Russia conflict

22 January 2018


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Tractor drivers are ready to go to Moscow
Farmers from Kuban' are going to rally with their tractors to Kremlin
RUAF S-300 at Tver
Small march to the White House in Moscow, watched by police
Medvedev orders the repair of an air conditioner in RANHiGS - TASS.
Kuban farmers has announced a tractor march on Moscow
Russia holds military drills in Caspian Sea
RUAF bomber 47757 called - no answer
Several protesters detained in St.Petersburg yesterday at anniversary of GKChP coup
RUAF strategic air HF voice net active 0430Z. Bombers: 73043, 47752,02732,47753 noted
Head of Russian nuclear institute MIFI: hoaxes of explosion is a provocation
Russian emergency ministry: No explosion, no threat at reactor in Nuclear institute
MOE checks the information about the explosion of the reactor in Moscow
Rally on 25 anniversary of GKCHP coup in St.Petersburg
Man arrested for 'impersonating Jesus
Flooded Moscow
EU commission says WTO ruled Russian pork ban as illegal
RUAF Il-76 landed Kursk
Russia says four men from North Caucasus killed by authorities in St. Petersburg flat were planning terrorist attack on September 1
Russia: Port Kavkaz, Krasnodar Krai, Russian military hardware embarking on the ferry to Crimea,18th of August 2016
Fired education minister gets best job: Russia's representative for trade with Ukraine
Medvedev instructed to create a gambling zone in Sochi
Drill near Pskov
The Duma proposes punishing Russians for failing to inform on people
PARNAS party won't run campaign in Crimea- cause Ukraine denied
Communications on 8909 kHz strategic bombers net on without pause for some 3 hours. Major action/exercise
Rally of VZBT plant workers in Volgograd
Iskander-M drill in Eastern Russia
PHOTO: Production of pre-serial MiG-35 prototype for Russian Airforce. Flight tests scheduled for later this year.
Electronic Warfare system «Murmansk-BN» seen during ongoing drills in Russia's Far East