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22 กันยายน 2018

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#Russia's MFA: "#Ukraine must cease fire on both sides"
Friday's Independent: "Moscow rages at 'Kremlin killing' verdict"
Following #Litvinenko inquiry "Russia's return to the G8 is probably off the table" - former Polish foreign minister @sikorskiradek
GUARDIAN: PM urged to act as Putin is linked to Litvinenko killing
Russia central bank governor cancels visit to Davos after rouble hits new all-time lows
Russia's Central Bank call emergency meeting as ruble plunges for second day running, breaking 1998 lows.
"DNR" militant Sergey Zhuk/ "Moskva" is administrator of popular groups "Maidan 3", "Ukrainian revolution", "Patriots of Ukraine"
#Litvinenko killing was 'state-sponsored action': @David_Cameron
Kremlin dismisses results of British Litvinenko inquiry as 'joke'
Russian Fighter Jets Pursued A Swedish AEW Flight Near Bolnholm Last Week
Russian terrorists commander Girkin: "I'm sure, I know too much to get to Tribunal(alive)"
Vladimir Putin: Lenin set nuke under Russia
Maria Zakharova: Russia urges Turkey to stop "extermination" of Kurds
EU "irresponsible" policies amid migrant crisis threaten entire [email protected]_russia
Islamist militants in Aleppo, #Syria, got reinforcements from #Turkey - Russian Foreign Ministry
Russian MFA: Turkey systematically violates the sovereignty of Syria
Lukoil CEO Alekperov Says $24/bbl Lower Limit for Oil Price
Teresa May: Litvinenko murder a blatant and fundamental breach of the most fundamental tenents of international law and civilized behavior
UK Interior Minister says Interpol notices, European arrest warrants in place for two main suspects of #Litvinenko murder
Treasury agrees to freeze assets of two prime suspects in Litvinenko murder and Russian ambassador summoned to Foreign Office - May
#Litvinenko Downing Street response: 'No way for a UN Security Council state to behave'
Still not a word on Litvinenko on Russia's rolling state news channel. Its all Ukrainiam gas anf stuff.
#Litvinenko report: the killer teapot with polonium 210 radioactive hotspots
Russia provides 4 billion rubles (over $47,5M) to pay pensions, social obligations every month to Donetsk and Luhansk
Maria Zakharova: the Litvinenko сase marred relations between Russia and the UK
Russian foreign ministry says Litvinenko inquiry was politicised, opaque + designed to produce the “needed result”:
Tim Farron: "These assassins trampled over British sovereignty and we cannot let this go unanswered."
Russian Navy developing unmanned ‘drone’ boats — deputy commander
Litvinenko inquiry: Lugovoi sent Berezovsky a T-shirt with "CSKA Moscow Nuclear Death is knocking your door" printed on the back.
Lugovoi: the Litvinenko inquiry is an "absurd" attempt to get at Russia over Ukraine. He calls it "a theatrical farce with long interludes."
Alexander #Litvinenko murder suspect Andrei Lugovoy has called the accusations against him "absurd"
Russia will not give Britain Lugovoi and Kovtun ant will not subject them to criminal prosecution
Widow of #Litvinenko wants UK David Cameron to expel all Russian intelligence officials from the UK and impose economic sanctions
#Litvinenko widow says "very pleased that words my husband spoke on deathbed when he accused Mr Putin have been proved by an English court."
UK judge says Putin probably approved killing of ex-Russian agent Litvinenko in London
Official report into Litvinenko's murder concludes Putin "probably approved" the poisoning. #Litvinenko
Inquiry judge Sir Robert Owen finds that Dmitry Kovtun and Andrei Lugovoi murdered Litvinenko “acting on behalf of others”
Reuters:Peskov: "I don't want to consider any exchange rate a disaster. Such forecasts shouldn't come from Kremlin."
Russian ruble hit 85 per 1 U.S. dollar
Commander of Russian Navy is in hospital after medical surgery. Admiral Korolev assigned as acting commander
Russia starts sudden battle readiness check of aviation of Southern military district
Cover of relaunched Moscow Times
Counter-terrorism operation declared in Tabasaransk region of Dagestan
Litvinenko: CCTV footage of suspected killers at London hotel shown for first time
Flashmob in support of Kadyrov
Former head of Israeli NSC says Hezbollah is getting Moscow's "most advanced" weapons, including missiles.
Kommersant: Central Bank decided to revoke the license from Vneshprombank
Jan.19, 2015 #Moscow anti #Putin march, ppl chanting "Putin is a fascist!"
Jan.19, 2015 Moscow anti Putin march, ppl chanting Putin is a fascist!
#Lavrov speaks after Syria and Ukraine talks
Russian ruble hit 81/per $1usd
In Simferopol installed "patriotic hashtag" dedicated to Russia
Putin "joked" about the attending of Davos by officials: No money for tickets
Over 1,000 civilians dead in Russia's Syria strikes: monitor
June video of Russian Tu-95 'Bear' strategic bomber explode on runway
June video of Russian Tu-95 'Bear' strategic bomber explode on runway
Ilya @IlyaYashin: the Kremlin words urge Kadyrov hand for sudden action
Russia's Gazprom demands $2.5 billion from Ukraine
Peskov urged to carefully read the words of Kadyrov, because non-systemic opposition is outside the law
Ruble hit 80 rubles per $1
Gazprom may reduce price of gas supplies to Europe from $284 to $184 for Q1— official
The Russians supported the refusal from traveling abroad for security reasons
Putin says European Jews fearful of anti-semitism should return to Russia
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