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24 กันยายน 2018

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[email protected]: How smug, inaccurate, uncritical journalism led to the ongoing death and displacement of millions More:
[email protected]: CIA ‘Black Site’ prisoner & guinea pig for torture program Abu Zubaydah to take stand
[email protected]: Declassified memo shows #CIA considered ways to get around legal restriction on destroying damaging documents
[email protected]: Vault7 exposes critical vulnerability CIA was using to exploit hundreds of Cisco internet routers
[email protected]: RT @WLTaskForce: @KFILE Unlike Stone, WikiLeaks has credibility and has confirmed no contact. This fact should lead but CNN has uses one bu…
[email protected]: Good write up of the Donna Brazile debate rigging saga by @hagoodman
[email protected]: RT @ExtremeTech: More than 300 Cisco switch models vulnerable to CIA hack
[email protected]: FBI Dir Comey mislead Congress today when he stated that emails on Republicans were not released during 2016. Proof:
[email protected]: "...trans kids should know, CIA is always recruiting." -- Atlantic publishes CIA recruitment propaganda as article
[email protected]: Interview with U.S. House Ranking Democratic Member of House Intelligence Committee Congressman Adam Schiff Over "Russian hacking" #Podesta
Russian and EU politicians arrive in Syria to meet with Assad
How the Russian elite laundered their stolen money through Moldova.
[email protected]: Claim made today in US House Intel Committee description that Republican emails were not released is false:
[email protected]: RT @MuckRock: As #CIA Director, #Bush waffled on promise to not destroy records of Agency’s illegal activities by @…
[email protected]: New York Times editor Dean Baquet says he would have published DNC+Podesta emails had the Times obtained them
[email protected]: RT @ggreenwald: The statute on classified information does purport to criminalize "publishing" SIGINT: what bars that is the 1st Am
Nikolai Danilov was detained by Moscow police
[email protected]: RT @Snowden: This is simply not true. Even monstrously unjust sentences (Manning) have been shown insufficient to deter the next whistleblo…
[email protected]: CIA espionage orders for the last French presidential election (archive)
[email protected]: US agencies have interfered with 81 elections not including coups. #CIA Overview:
FBI Director: Russia’s mission is “to undermine the credibility of our entire democracy enterprise of this nation”
The green face counter-protestors gave @navalny is becoming something of a flashmob. Journalist Danilov on Red Square
White House says 'no evidence' of Trump collusion with Russia
YPG Spokesman @RedurXelil's statement on agreement made with Russia in relation to Jandaris, Afrin
PHOTOS: Images claim to show Russian troops in Afrin, North Syria
Comey confirms FBI is investigating possible links, coordination between Trump associates and Russia
FBI Director Comey: The FBI “is investigating the Russian government's efforts to interfere in the 2016 presidential election."
FBI probing Russian election meddling, possible Trump team-Russia collusion: Comey
[email protected]: WikiLeaks on Schiff (D) statement: WikiLeaks publicly & repeatedly teased its forthcoming publications well before Stone & Steel comments.
Source: Top manager of Roskosmos died in jail from a deep neck wound.
"Is it a coincidence that JeffSessions failed to tell the Senate about his meetings with the Russian ambassador…?" - @RepAdamSchiff
Adam Schiff: Russia "weaponized" hacking to help Trump in June/July. Wants to know if Trump team prompted this.
Kazan supporters of @navalny has launched a flash mob in his support, paint the face green #GreeNavalny
[email protected]: LIVE: US House Intelligence Committee (aligned with US intelligence agencies) on "Russian Election Tampering"
Connection of the airborne troops and pilots of airforces prepared and delivered over 17 tons of cargo to the landfill Raevsky Novorossiysk by aircraft Il-76
Novosibirsk Navalny staff support Alexey after he was painted in green
Lukashenko urges Russia to allow NATO to observe Russian and Belarusian training exercises
Poroshenko: the Blockade provokes the integration of Donbas into Russia
Trump calls US lawmakers' hearing on Russia 'fake news:' Twitter post
FBI director to testify on Russia ties, alleged wiretap
Duma proposes holding full migration amnesty for residents of territories under control of DNR and LNR groups - TASS.
Kommersant FM 93.6: Investigation is examining theory of contract killing of former top manager of Roskosmos in jail.
Sberbank cut rates on military mortgages
Russian space agency executive jailed in fraud case was moved to prison cell without CCTV before he was murdered.
Division on the Kuril Islands are created solely for protection of the Russian Federation - Shoigu
Shoigu: it's time to participate in a large international coalition to restore facilities in Syria
Shoigu: Russia and Japan are to join their efforts to counter common threats
After having green chemicals thrown at him in Barnaul, Alexei Navalny reminds people to come out for marches around country on March 26.
After having green chemicals thrown at him in Barnaul, Alexei Navalny reminds people to come out for marches around country on March 26.
Lavrov and Shoigu flew to Japan for talks with the foreign and defense Ministers
Russian opposition leader @navalny was painted in Barnaul
[email protected]: Are your devices compromised by the CIA? WikiLeaks Research Community project aims to find out #Vault7
[email protected]: RT @WLArtForce: Checkout the cool new #Vault7/Year Zero tees & hoodies to support @WikiLeaks publications: #WikiLea…
[email protected]: Want to expose CIA abuses like #Vault7? Here are 7 things the CIA looks for when deciding who to recruit
[email protected]: US House Intelligence Committee on "Russian Election Tampering" will begin at 10AM ET Monday. Streamed on C-Span
TASS: Slovak prime minister calls for lifting sanctions against Russia
[email protected]: CIA was secretly exploiting a vulnerability in a huge range of Cisco router models -- discovered thanks to #Vault7
Tagged as Russian spy ship off of St Simons Island, Georgia, United States, but likely not cause distance to ship
Russian state propagandists again using term "Novorosiya". Aired a film on foreign fighters in Ukraine
[email protected]: RT @MuckRock: Senate feared that if evidence of CIA psychic research got out, the public would tie it to mind control experiments
[email protected]: RT @MorningConsult: Republicans More Likely to Back CIA Leaks Published by WikiLeaks:
[email protected]: NYT has become so politicized that it now publishes open conspiracy theorists such as Louise Mensch
[email protected]: Video: The Secret History of Silicon Valley
Police are looking for the inhabitant of Taganrog, walked around the city with a bear without a muzzle
Senate Intel panel asks Roger Stone to preserve documents for Russia probe
Top Dem pressuring GOP chairman to subpoena witnesses for Russia probe
[email protected]: Key Democratic Officials Now Warning Base Not to Expect Evidence of Trump/Russia Collusion -- @ggreenwald
Rally in St.Petersburg on Saturday: "Annexation of Crimea is Austria Anshluss
Russia's state TV: In response to U.S. actions in South Korea, China and Russia might hand out nukes to Venezuela, Cuba, Mexico or Iran.
'No evidence of collusion' between Trump campaign, Russia: intelligence committee chairman
The Moscow-backed prime minister of Crimea, Sergei Aksyonov, has called for Putin to be made Russian President for life.
Peskov: The day of Crimea annexation by Russia is an important and special event for Putin.
Mayor of Ankara: It's easier to make enemies than friends! It's an art to make friends with the ones who were against you in the past. Thanks to Zhirinovsky.
Military echelon arrived in Kerch last night
Military echelon arrived in Kerch last night
People in Grozny say they were forced to come to celebration of Crimea annexation.
Tatarstan authorities refused to celebrate anniversary of Crimea annexation
Yesterday in Kazan, Tatarstan, people were demonstrating about collapsed local banks, not celebrating the annexation of Crimea.
In Novosibirsk protesters demand the governor's resignation after instruction to sharply increase utility prices.
Russian 3rd (Voronezh region) and 150th Motor Rifle Divisions (Rostov region) to be fully equipped in May 2017
Turnout for @navalny in Novosibirsk
[email protected]: In a first, former CIA captive appeals Guantánamo trial to Supreme
A Congressman warns of a potential "nuclear war" with Russia
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