Map. History of Russia conflict

24 November 2017
New Year ball in Moscow
In Yekaterinburg Grebenshchikov concert. Openly anti-war. Full house
Putin says russia has caught / identified more than 320 spies this year
Russian foreign Ministry announced that there is a high probability of terrorist attacks in Indonesia and recommended not to leave the tourist areas
Vladimir Putin the President of Turkey: Nothing is eternal under Moon
Wall Street Journal: in Syria killed nine Russian contract servicemen who belonged to a "Vagner" closed military group
Rally in support of Ildar Dadin in Moscow
Map of Radiation levels in Finland. 0,219µSv/h at Kotka
In Finland no changes in background radiation after the accident at the LNPP
Steam at 2nd unit of Leningradska TPP
Kommersant reports: EU sanctions to continue for another six months
Steam over Leningrad Nuclear power plant today
At Moscow Airport. Holiday reading "Let's learn judo with Vladimir Putin".
Storchak: Ukraine has no chance of winning this court case.
Leningradskaya NPP: No release of steam in atmosphere. Radioactive background is normal
No reason to evacuate population after stopping of 2nd energy block at Leningradskaya nuclear power station.
Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant unit 2 emergency shutdowned
The release of steam at LPP is radioactive. Wind to the West - Finland
Sberbank drops below 100 RUB as Ukraine moratorium also applies to $500mln owed to Russian banks
AFK Sistema sells reported 10% stake in Russian Detsky Mir toy store chain
Fire extinguished at Tech university in Dolgoprudny
Russia has decided to expel the journalist of the Polish newspaper "Gazeta Wyborcza"
Moscow tech university is of fire in Dolgoprudny
Russia Western Military District held chemical, biological, nuclear pollution drills
Russian musician Yuri Schevchuk singing for protesting truck drivers
[email protected] reports #Russia has officially asked #Canada to close @InformNapalm servers
#Trump responds to #Putin's warm words by doubling down on love-in. #Russia
Trump On Putin Remark Says "great Honor To Be So Nicely Complimented"
Russian school listening to Putin's Q&A
#Turkey under cyberattack by #Russia: Report